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Why gingivitis can be dangerous for your health

Gingivitis is a disease many of our patients face, it can be dangerous for your dental health. Many of our patients have refered to certain symptoms that affects their gums and teeth in the long run. If leaved unatended it can lead to nasty consequences such as periodontal disease and teeth loss. So if you […]

Slowing Down Gum Recession

Gum recession is a problem that can affect everybody, even more so as we grow older. This affects roughly about fifty percent of every adult over 30 years old. For this article, we shall be going through some general information about gum recessions. This will be including what it is, what causes it, as well […]

Inflamed Gums: What Causes Them?

Have you ever experienced inflamed gums? It is true that it is troublesome to have swollen gums, and there are many reasons why you they could be that way. Finding and dealing with these issues is part of Los Algodones dentists’ work, so for this article, we shall tell you all about it and how […]

Gum Disease: Stages and Prevention

A vast majority of the people suffer from gum disease and they are not quite aware of it. For those who are not aware, gum disease as we know it is typically the inflammation of the gums. Usually by the plaque and bacteria that buildup along the gums and inside the pockets that can form […]

Mouthwash: Many Types And Many Benefits

Getting a good mouthwash is a funny task because there are so many out there to choose from. Many things to consider and labels to read in order to get the proper one! To the point that it turns into a confusing task upon looking at all the brands and types! There are so many […]


Do you have swollen, red or gums that bleed while brushing your teeth? If you present any of those symptoms you may suffer from gingivitis, the first stage of the gum disease that starts with the inflammation of the gums. Gingivitis is one of the phases of gum disease, which is divided into three different […]