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What Is Dental Calculus?

Greetings, everybody! Taking care of our teeth is not only a task for having whiter teeth, but one for us to avoid damage on our pearly whites. Dental calculus, also commonly called tartar, is one of those things we absolutely have to avoid if we wish to retain our natural set of teeth for a […]

Remineralization & Demineralization

In order to keep our teeth strong and everlasting, we ought to think about what we can do to protect them. It takes just a little bit of research to know that our mouths are usually in this constant battle that is losing and gaining minerals. This is called demineralization and  remineralization. Yet what does […]

Tartar: What Is It?

For sure you must have heard the term tartar somewhere. After all, we are constantly brushing, flossing and doing what we can in order to avoid just that! These are but countermeasures in order to avoid it, as failing to do so can end in losing our teeth. So for this article we will be […]

Cavities: Tips And Information

Cavities are one of the most common reasons why you should visit a dentist. It does not matter if it starts small, we all have to check our teeth as well to pay the dentist a visit. Los Algodones dentists recommend appointing a visit at least once every six months, so twice a year. As […]

Tips To Keep Germs Away

It is a given that throughout the day germs are actively growing and spreading everywhere. And that includes inside our mouths! As such knowing more and learning about the habits that can help against this proves extremely useful.   Washing your hands is more important than you think It is normal to come in contact […]

Dental Plaque: What It Is And How To Fight It

When approaching dental hygiene issues, this is one of the first ones you will hear about. Dental plaque (also known as tooth plaque) is surely one of the most common topics, and here we will explain it easily. Doing so will help you take the right steps to properly prevent and deal with it. In […]

Plaque: consequences and prevention

The Plaque consists of a sticky and colorless film made of bacteria that constantly forms on the teeth and also along the gum line. This mass of bacteria that grows in the mouth is considered to be the main cause of oral health problems as gum disease and cavities. The plaque is continually forming in […]