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Helping you designing your smile in Dental del Rio

We know you are interested in saving your hard earned money getting a new smile. Los Algodones is home for more than 300 dental clinics, and Dental del Rio can help you with that. That is why literally thousands of people have come to the clinic to pick the best prices at our clinic. This […]

How To Improve Your Smile

One of the first things that we notice in people is that, their smile. And although it might take some time in order to attain that desired pearly white smile, it is possible! It is just a matter of following some habits religiously, in order to take proper care of those teeth. Doing this will […]

What Foods Are Harmful For Your Teeth?

In today’s article we shall review just what kind of foods are the ones to avoid for our teeth. More specifically, just what types and what makes them so bad for our pearly whites. Hopefully with this article you will be able to know what to look out for, either for minimizing or preventing!   […]