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Know the dangers of vaping constantly

Hi guys, it is a pleasure to have you back here, today let’s discuss why vaping is severely bad for your dental health. It is not common knowledge that this is a really bad habit for your teeth. I have met many patients that use vapes lately and that is what motivate me to write […]

Tobacco Products: Effect On Your Teeth

We have always heard how smoking, either through cigarettes or tobacco products is pretty bad for our health. But what exactly does it do to us? More specifically, what makes it so bad for our teeth and how can we improve the situation? In today’s article we will be talking about that. We have asked […]

Smoking and Tobacco: Impact On Your Teeth

When it comes to smoking and tobacco products, we have always had a sense that they are bad for our teeth, but why? Just what is it that turns these substances into enemies of our pearly whites? We will find out just what makes them harmful for us in this article. So in order to […]

Dry Mouth: Definition and Issues

We all have had dry mouth at some point in our lives. Whether it is from anxiety, medication, disease, syndrome, or simply age; it is important to know what is up. We will be understanding what dry mouth is, what causes it, and how to prevent it. Here in Los Algodones we invite you to […]

Smoking: Problems and Quitting

Smoking is not only a bad habit for you and overall dental health, but also for those around you. As such it is important to know the consequences that yields smoking as well as how to deal with it. We know that smoking is a hard habit to shake off, and as dentists we want […]