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Tooth Cavities: Information & Tips

Cavities are one of our enemies when it comes to oral health. There are many reasons why we might develop one, and there are plenty of things we can do to prevent them. In today’s article, we will be reviewing what tooth cavities are: how they develop, how to spot one, how they are treated, […]

Is Sugar Bad For Our Teeth?

At times it is normal to wonder if sugar is really bad for our teeth. And if so, just how does it harm them? It is true that nowadays it is almost impossible to live without sugar. It is in our food, snacks, and drinks! If you are looking to know more about what sugar […]

Cavities: Tips And Information

Cavities are one of the most common reasons why you should visit a dentist. It does not matter if it starts small, we all have to check our teeth as well to pay the dentist a visit. Los Algodones dentists recommend appointing a visit at least once every six months, so twice a year. As […]

The Harm Soda Does To Our Teeth

It is quite common to associate soda to tooth decay, and here we will explain you why. By soda we are obviously referring to all those fizzy, bubbly carbonated drinks! And though they are harmful, that does not mean you have to quit them entirely. Just by taking the proper measures and avoiding abuse of […]

Elders: Taking Care Of Our Teeth

We all wish to keep our natural teeth for as long as we can, and for that we require good dental habits. As elders, our teeth and mouth do as well, so we have to prepare ourselves for the problems to come. Knowing what we are against and how to properly deal with it is […]

Mouthwash: Many Types And Many Benefits

Getting a good mouthwash is a funny task because there are so many out there to choose from. Many things to consider and labels to read in order to get the proper one! To the point that it turns into a confusing task upon looking at all the brands and types! There are so many […]

Dry Mouth: Definition and Issues

We all have had dry mouth at some point in our lives. Whether it is from anxiety, medication, disease, syndrome, or simply age; it is important to know what is up. We will be understanding what dry mouth is, what causes it, and how to prevent it. Here in Los Algodones we invite you to […]

Dementia And Oral Health

Dementia is not a disease, it is a syndrome or a generic term used to refer to a deteriority of mental ability that affects the memory and other thinking skills. It is known as Dementia when a person presents a severe decline in its mental ability, behavior, and thinking that doesn’t allow him to perform […]

Plaque: consequences and prevention

The Plaque consists of a sticky and colorless film made of bacteria that constantly forms on the teeth and also along the gum line. This mass of bacteria that grows in the mouth is considered to be the main cause of oral health problems as gum disease and cavities. The plaque is continually forming in […]