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Oral Health: Most Common Problems

One of the things we have to do every day is taking care of our oral health. Not only does this ensure that our teeth remain healthy and strong, but also to keep a good presence and give a flawless impression to other people. In today’s article, we will learn some of the most common […]

Tooth Discoloration: What Causes It?

You might have noticed that your teeth are not as white as they used to be. In fact, they might be leaning too much into the yellow color: that’s tooth discoloration. It can happen for several reasons and it is actually pretty common, so do not worry too much. So if you wish to have […]

Yellow Teeth: What To Do

Having a white smile might seem a bit farfetched, but with dedication you can get rid of yellow teeth. We have gathered some information here in Los Algodones about what this topic entails, and the answers have been enlightening. We all yearn for that movie star smile:  healthy, white, spotless and flawless. But interestingly enough, […]

9 Tips to Prevent Tooth Stains

The Importance of a Good Looking Smile A healthy and good looking smile may be the principal attractive quality anyone can have. Oral health and cosmetic issues with your smile as tooth stains or cavities can make you feel ashamed to show your smile, causing a low self-esteem and socialization problems. If you want to […]

7 Oral Health Reasons to Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the principal reasons for deaths and serious diseases around the world. This unhealthy habit can be harmful to almost every organ of the human body, causing issues to the immune system, bones, lungs, heart, blood vessels, and vision. Tobacco is also one of the most common reasons for the develop of cancer, […]