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Crossbite: What Is It?

A crossbite is a form of teeth misalignment that can happen to certain people. It can hinder people’s willingness to smile as they deem it unattractive. But rest assured, there are ways to fix this! Usually, this happens due several habits during childhood, Los Algodones dentists explain. And if it does not correct itself as […]

Pericoronitis: What Is It?

Today we shall talk about pericoronitis, which happens more often than you think. Pericoronitis is linked to the wisdom teeth, specifically to one of the many things that can happen when it sprouts. By the end of this article, you shall know just what this is, what happens, and how it is treated.   What […]

What Happens After Braces?

Braces are certainly the most common and used orthodontic devices used by people nowadays. And they have certainly come a long way, from being all big and bulky, to now being more slender and stylish in looks. Even with some color options and the possibility to be attached to the back of the teeth! Some […]

Tooth Sensitivity: Information And Tips

If you have ever experienced a sharp pain-like feeling the moment your teeth touch something hot or cold, chances are you suffer from tooth sensitivity. Sensitive teeth is quite a common issue among people nowadays, and it can really hinder your eating habits big time. Either it is due a lack of good oral habits, […]

Fluorisis: What You Need To Know

Greetings! Today we shall be briefing a little bit about fluorisis. You might have heard the word from a friend, read it from an article, or simply picked it up from somewhere.   What is fluorisis First of all, it is normal to think that this is a disease when it is actually just a […]

Teeth Whitening: How Does It Work?

We all seek a pristine smile, which sadly is absolutely impossible as teeth darken as we grow older. It is natural for teeth to turn yellowish, brownish with age. This is where teeth whitening comes in. This article will mainly cover the aspects that surround teeth whitening. Things like the proper care needed to make […]

Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

What is Dry Mouth? Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) is the lack of the saliva flow to keep your mouth wet, moisturized and clean. Saliva has many functions in the mouth, some of them include to prevent infections by controlling the bacteria and fungi in the mouth, to help with the digest of food and to keep […]