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Taking Care Of Your Breath

We all know the struggle that it is to keep a fresh, minty breath on us. Just how desirably would it be to keep it pleasant and at a kissable mood at all points? Let’s face it, our breath plays a huge role in that first impression we give to people. So if we forget about it, then we are going to get slapped by it eventually!

Bad breath is also known as halitosis, which can pose an issue difficult to deal with. So in order to avoid any embarrassing moments, we have asked our Los Algodones dentists just what can you do and how to keep your breath fresh last longer:


Feel free to brush your teeth more than twice a day

If we have learned something, is that we must brush our teeth at least twice a day! Once in the morning, and once before going to sleep. But that does not mean it should only be at those two times. Keep in mind that one of the causes of bad breath is bacteria and food trapped in your mouth, so make sure you are brushing thoroughly.

Having said that, feel free to brush your teeth in order to regain that minty freshness back! Los Algodones dentists just warn you not to do so right after consuming acidic and/or starchy foods, as it can harm your tooth enamel.

Also the same goes for flossing! Especially if you know food tends to get trapped in certain spots.


Rinse your mouth, with water or with mouthwash

This is a very useful tip for people who are constantly sipping on soda and/or coffee. And it is immensely beneficial! As having your teeth exposed to sugary and dark colored liquids can take their toll on your teeth in the long run.


Keep yourself hydrated

It might sound silly at first, but by drinking water you are covering big grounds in the bad breath area.

Keeping your mouth moist, boosting your saliva production, washing away food remnants, it works wonders! Also helps you against dry mouth, a very tough foe that brings foul breath with it.


Stop using tobacco products

Smoking is a terrible habit for your teeth. It stains them, gives you bad breath, shrinks your gums and can develop into cancer.

For those who wish to quit smoking, seeking support from family and friends is a great start. That and seeking other ways to deal with the stress and anxiety! There are options and possibilities, but your will is what plays the huge role.


Scrape your tongue and inner cheeks when brushing

Most toothbrushes have a scraper on the back of their heads. Use that in order to scrape the tongue and inner cheek areas where bacteria, food and dead cells can be lingering.

If your toothbrush does not have a scraper, then the brush itself can do the job just as well! Although they tend to be less comfortable in my personal experience.


Avoid all foods that bring with them unpleasant smells

Foods like garlic, onions.. anything sour, really. It also does not help that the smell can linger even after brushing. This is mostly because the components are already in your bloodstream, like alcohol, so you end up breathing them out.

As an optional choice, you can choose to chew on some parsley garnish. This will help easing out the unpleasant smells with due time.


If all else fails, do not doubt to consult a dentist

There are many, many reasons why you suffer from bad breath. If you have always had a recurring bad breath, then there might be a problem going on in your mouth. You see, things like caries and cavities can play a big part in that.

So by visiting your dentist, you are not only aiming to get rid of the root problem, but also improving your dental health greatly!

Also, if you are interested in cheap procedures, be sure to visit us in Los Algodones, Mexico. Not only do we have very good prices, but also English-speaking staff.

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