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Tap Water: Information and Advantages

Greetings, everyone! Today we shall write about a very helpful and informative topic: tap water. There are many benefits we all can gather from it for our teeth as well as some bonuses for our bodies!

Los Algodones dentists know very well that drinking water daily is essential to maintain a good oral health. Furthermore, it also helps drive away bacteria, food particles, dry mouth and bad breath!


Tap water and fluoride

The first item that we shall begin talking about is the relationship between tap water and fluoride.

As you may know, our public water supplies usually mix the water with a little bit of fluoride for its added benefits to dental health. The amount being approximately 0.7 millimeters per liter.

Fluoride helps immensely in the remineralization process of our teeth. Typically throughout a day, the tooth enamel slightly wears either through use or bacteria and plaque, to then remineralize through saliva and fluoride. It is important to keep the rate that it regenerates higher to avoid tooth decay.


Tap water and dry mouth

Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is when the mouth produces way too little saliva for what it needs to function properly and without issue.

Saliva is an important asset as it makes easy for eating and digesting food, as well as for talking without discomfort. Saliva also plays a major role at neutralizing bacteria and remineralizing tooth enamel.

So naturally, by keeping our bodies hydrated, we are supplying our mouths with what it needs in order to function properly. Also, you are washing away food when drinking water, so it is a bonus benefit for oral health!


How it helps towards a better oral healthtap water

So we have gone through some of the reasons why tap water is most beneficial to us, so it is time to wrap it up with some extra items.

  • Tap water helps your teeth stay strong. Either by boosting saliva levels or through the added fluoride it yields, by drinking water you are boosting your defenses against plaque and tooth decay.
  • Helps rinsing your mouth. Remember that after finishing your meal or drinking soda, drinking a glass of water helps you maintain your teeth clean. Water helps at taking out the sugar that sticks to the teeth.
  • It is an excellent way to combat dry mouth. Drinking water boosts your saliva production, so it is natural that it is a perfect way to combat it. Suffering from dry mouth for too long can and will put your teeth at risk of developing caries.
  • No calories with tap water. As an added benefit, tap water yields no calories or sugar for us to worry about! Making it a very good way to drop off extra weight by not consuming soft drinks.


Tips and helpful information

It goes without saying that drinking tap water will not get us through towards an excellent oral health by itself.

For this, we recommend to brush your teeth at least twice a day, for 2 minutes each session! It is important to be thorough with this as it is our main way to get rid of plaque stored and building up in our mouth.

After that comes flossing, which helps greatly towards gum disease. Once a day is enough and will make sure there is no food o r bacteria in between our pearly whites.

By doing these two daily plus what we have learned today, you will be on your way to great oral care! For treatments and procedures, we suggest you check our prices, they are cheap with utmost care. Be sure to check us out in Los Algodones!

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