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The best tips to avoid gingivitis

Gums diseases are more common than you may think. Many patients come to Dental de Rio in Los Algodones Mexico to be seen by a periodontist. I must say that gingivitis is the disease that most people present and today I want to share some tips on how to avoid it. Do not wait until it is too late to see a dentist, schedule your appointment now by visiting our contact page,

For starters, gingivitis is born due to an infection in our gum tissue. The causes can vary but some of the most common are poor dental hygiene and tobacco. So those are two think we should avoid right away. Let’s see how we can improve our dental hygiene and our habits so our gums can stay nice and healthy.


First thing to avoid is cigarettes. Smoking wears down our soft tissue along with our teeth.  All the chemicals in cigarettes are abrasive enough to lead to tooth loss. If you are a smoker consider tone it down or quit it. Sugar is another substance that in excess can break a smile in no time.


Improving dental hygiene


Speaking about sugar and other substances. The best thing you can do to avoid gingivitis is to have a superb dental hygiene. What this means is that brushing, flossing and rinsing 3 times a day are mandatory. The use of dental floss is key because it can reach the food debris stuck between the teeth. This food debris tends to rot and is usually the catalyst for gingivitis.

If you leave a gum disease unattended, it can evolve into periodontitis. On this stage the patient present bone loss and can lose all their teeth. The treatment usually is deep cleaning and scaling which you can get for an amazing price here at Dental del Rio.

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