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The secret for a high dental hygiene

Everyone says that having a high dental hygiene is easy as a piece of cake. Let’s set things straight with this article, a good dental hygiene is easy to achieve. However, to have the best dental health possible you need to put more effort, do some extra steps. What I mean with this is that is not as easy at it seems at first. That is why today I will teach you those extra things you must do in order to have perfect teeth. Ironically, it is not that hard as well to include in your daily routine.


Let’s start by getting the obvious tips away. Daily brushing is a must, you cannot skip brushing your teeth 3 times a day. It is really important that you clean your teeth really good from germs and bacteria that accumulates and create plaque and tartar. This will help you avoid common dental diseases such as caries, gingivitis and more.


Speaking of which, one of the main causes of gingivitis is food debris rotten between the gums. This can be a consequence of bacteria infecting the gums, also a sing of poor cleaning. To solve this, you have to use dental floss after brushing to clean between the teeth. This brings me to my first secret of the day, using an interdental brush to clean this very difficult area to cover correctly and effectively.


High dental hygiene with an interdental brush

Now, many patients think that dental floss is the only way to clean between the teeth. This is a plain lie, because you have so much tools at your disposal. However, you have to keep in mind that a correct use of the dental floss is also necessary. Patients waste yards and yards of floss because they do not how to use it correctly. Even worse, they floss very rapidly, causing cuts and damage to the poor gums. This needs to stop now.


If you wish for a crash course on how to clean between your teeth with dental floss, you are in luck. The first thing to know is that you only need a couple of inches to do the job. One tip my grandfather taught me, he was a dentist, is to roll the floss in my thumbs. I do not know exactly why, but it resulted far more comfortable than I imagined. Next thing is to floss slow and carefully, and try to not damage your gums in the process, remember to be gentle.


Continuing, the interdental brush. This little toothbrush is amazing because it makes the job far easier than any other dental tool. It is even more amazing if you use orthodontics as floss is very difficult to use in that condition. The best thing is that it is not that expensive at all and you can buy a pack that will last you a long time. Cleaning between your teeth not only prevent gum infection, it also improves your breath, like the next secret.


Tongue scrapper, the best secret kept for high dental hygiene


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know by know that I do not like to gatekeep. I like to share all my knowledge with you guys to help you improve your dental hygiene. One thing many people ignore is to brush their tongue, they ignore this important step. Ta high dental hygiene routine cannot be complete without you cleaning you tongue. However, you can improve this with a tongue scrapper.


Our body shed dead cells every day without us realizing, even our mouth tissue. This include our tongue, if you sum up all the food we ingest daily, it can be amess. That is why it is important to clean our tongue daily, if not, you will develop bad breath in no time. A tongue scrapper is really convenient for the job as it will get rid of food debris and all the dead tissue in not time. Think of it as a relaxing massage, because it certainly feels that way.

Do not give up dental


All these tips for a high dental hygiene sound like a chore to do, but it is not. You are basically doing the same thing, just better and smarter. After finishing your routine, remember to rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash, preferably antiseptic to kill all the remaining bacteria and germs. Also I must say that you need to visit a dentist every 6 months for cleaning and checkup to maintaining a perfect dental health.



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As said before, you need dentist that improve your dental hygiene. This is impossible without yearly checkups and cleaning. If you wait more than a year to get your consultation, your teeth are in trouble. You can have the best dental hygiene routine at home and still develop cavities and other dental diseases. Taking care of our teeth solely by ourselves at home is harder than we think, I dare to say it is impossible.


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