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Toothpaste: One For Every Scenario

Toothpaste is of utmost importance in our daily lives due to all the benefits it brings to our teeth. As such, it is important to pay attention to every one of them, as they all bring better results to each scenario.

Either it is gum disease, bad breath, sensitive teeth, or you want to whiten them, there are tooth pastes for that. But that does not necessarily mean that brushing has no importance. Keeping a good brushing habit as well as some flossing are also key to get a healthy smile.

With the help of this article, hopefully it will become apparent that if you face an issue, there are ways to make the overall road to overcome it a tad more easily. So without further ado, here are some of the most common toothpastes there are:


Anti-decay toothpaste 

These are the most common type of toothpastes out there, as they are the ones that contain a greater concentration of fluoride. Fluoride plays a major role when it comes to oral care. It helps strengthen and  protect our teeth a great deal through a process called remineralization.

Also, our Los Algodones dentists highly recommend using this toothpaste if you suffer from dry mouth. Dry mouth, or xerostomia, is likely to be present as one grows older, but also through the use of certain medicaments.


Whitening toothpaste

These toothpastes do not provide much benefits other than cosmetic ones. They usually contain chemicals or abrasive ingredients in order to reduce the surface stains and achieve whiter teeth.

Due to regulations to how much of the abrasive agent they can yield, they are safe to use and also contain fluoride to help in the remineralization process of the teeth.

Take into account that if the stains are not on the surface, or if you want quicker results, then visiting a dentist might be your best bet. Here in Los Algodones, Mexico we have experienced and English-speaking staff, as well as good prices and good customer support.


Desensitizing toothpaste

If you have had trouble eating cold, hot and acidic foods alike, then this toothpaste is for you.

Tooth sensitivity happens when the tooth enamel is worn down and, as such, the change of temperature easily reaches the dentin inside the teeth. Also, as we grow older, our gums start to recede and that leads to exposed roots, this, too, causes sensitivity.

These toothpastes work by helping ease up the pain stimuli and block the dental tubules that were worn down.

We recommend to speak with your dentist beforehand as the reason behind the sensitivity might be something else.


Tartar control toothpaste

Not to be confused as ‘tartar removal’, because that is very hard to achieve. Instead, these toothpastes halt and make it much harder for plaque to start building up on your teeth.

This toothpaste is perfect for the people that are prone to damage from the plaque buildup. Typically from around the gum line area as it is easy to develop gum disease.

If you already have tartar, it is recommended to visit your dentist, as they have the tools to remove it.


Toothpaste for smokers

Since smoking can stain the teeth and harm the gums, it’s no surprise that there is a toothpaste for that.

These toothpastes use abrasives as well as the whitening ones, as well as ingredients to keep the gums healthy.

Remember that brushing hard harms the enamel in the long run, so use gentle strokes to keep your teeth healthy.

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