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What Happens After Braces?

Braces are certainly the most common and used orthodontic devices used by people nowadays. And they have certainly come a long way, from being all big and bulky, to now being more slender and stylish in looks. Even with some color options and the possibility to be attached to the back of the teeth!

Some of you might miss them, some of you might not, after all they certainly made difficult some things. Thanks to them, the teeth get corrected and aligned for a more comfortable and better bite. But that does not end there. There are actually some things we have to take care of from there on!


First, what is the removal of braces like?

This is done, of course, by a specialized orthodontist. And they actually come off without much of a trouble. It only requires a single appointment and it usually takes close to an hour.

The process of removing the braces themselves is not painful, but a bit uncomfortable during the process. The dentist will typically clip the brackets, and then make use of a scraper to remove the glue on the teeth. This will not cause any permanent damage to the teeth, so you do not need to worry!

Depending on how long you have been wearing braces and how thorough you were with your cleaning, you might have some whit e spots on your teeth. This is normal. These white spots are due plaque buildup that you were unable to reach. Lucky for you there are plenty of ways to whiten them back!


The importance of retainers

After the braces are gone, you will be given a retainer (or mouthguard) to use together with directions on when. Usually the first few weeks you should be having it on almost at all times. The reason behind this is that when teeth are realigned with braces, they have the risk to move again. This is where the retainers come in, they secure the spot the teeth are currently in.

This is actually very overlooked by people, where we cannot stress it enough! Retainers really have a very important role, and here in Los Algodones, Mexico we want our patients to enjoy long lasting smiles.


How to take care of my teeth?

After the braces have been taken off, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with a fluoride solution. This will help fortifying the enamel and remineralizing the teeth in case of plaque buildup. These fluoride solutions are nothing more than therapeutic mouthwashes.

Of course, you also have to brush your teeth twice a day, as well as floss at least once.


Also, we mentioned before that your teeth might present white spots. These are usually nothing to worry about too much, but if you are interested you might seek teeth whitening. For this there are two options:

  • In office whitening. This is done by a dentist in their office, where they use specialized tools and material. This is the fastest and safest way as not only execute it flawlessly, but are mindful about your safety, too.
  • At home whitening. These are usually through toothpastes with hydrogen peroxide. At a much lower value than the gel used in the office, the results will take more time to notice.


If you are looking for affordable as well as the most professional services in treatments and procedures, then you are in luck! We recommend visiting our page to get in touch with the best dentist in Los Algodones!

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