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What happens when you do not brush your teeth?

Hi my dear readers, hope you are doing pretty well and you do brush your teeth every day . We love talking about dental hygiene but there is a question I get a lot form younger patients. It is cool to hear from them too and answer their questions. Today I will show them what happens when you do not brush your teeth every day as you should. If this sounds interesting keep reading until the end, I am sure you will learn a lot.


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Why should I brush my teeth every day?


This question is asked by many children around the world. We try out best as parents to teach them of to perform a good dental hygiene. We as adults just know that we need to do it every day or our teeth will look bad. It is an easy and quick answer but why is that exactly? What if a child dares to ask why again? Let’s see together an answer that should satisfy their amazing curiosity. There is also a chance that you are wondering too.

We brush our teeth to maintain them clean and neat. We have to eat everyday too, and food remnants get stuck in out mouth. It can get stuck between our teeth and gums. Also our tongue gets food debris over the surface. We need to get rid of these or it will rot and infect our soft tissue. Besides it creates an acidic reaction because the digestion process and corrode our tooth enamel.


To explain it simply, it is a film that protects our teeth and shields them from bacteria. Just by brushing our teeth we are doing half of the job to maintain healthy teeth. The other half includes using dental floss to clean between teeth, using mouthwash to rinse and going to a dentist. Regular checkups and cleaning every year is mandatory to sport a beautiful smile. If you are interested we can help you save money in dental.


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What happens if I do not brush my teeth?


When you are not brushing your teeth you are letting as we stated before many food particles in your mouth. These particles will corrode your teeth and soft tissue. However it is not a process that happens overnight. It takes months, even years to completely destroy your teeth. You will gradually see the effects of a bad dental hygiene every day, though. It will start by showing a bad odor, giving you halitosis or bad breath.


Then your teeth will start to turn yellow. Your gums will be affected too, turning bright red. Other symptoms are bleeding when brushing and tooth sensitivity. What it is happening here is that your oral health is decaying, your gums are infected. The tooth enamel is decaying too, which exposes the nerves and the surfaces erode. This makes cavities which is really painful and requires dental assistance as soon as possible.


Worst case scenario you will lose your teeth and suffer several dental diseases just for not brushing your teeth. These symptoms can be worse and can advance faster if you maintain unhealthy habits too. Smoking and drinking alcohol for example, destroy your teeth extremely fast even if your brush your teeth. Consider quitting those or at least keep it moderated if you wish to conserver your natural teeth for a long time.


Fixing the problem

Every consequence of a bad dental hygiene can be fixed. A dentist can make your smile look beautiful again as there exists many dental treatment capable of doing so. Nevertheless it is better to avoid this stage and visit your dentist every 6 months for cleaning and checkup. Also, you want brush your teeth every day at least twice. This will maintain everything neat and clean during the day.


I know it can be boring but trust me, it is worth it. one trick I can share with you is to get an electric toothbrush to save time and effort. In the case of children, you can use youtube and apps designed for dental hygiene to keep them motivated. This works like a charm with my kids and the enjoy brushing their teeth. Also, keep a balanced diet and includes vegetable and fruits too. Both are really  good for your teeth too.


That is everything for now guys, hope you learned a lot. If you have any suggestions that you want to share with use leave a comment. This helps us to know how you guys think and we lean a ton too. Hope we see you next week at the next article, until then, take care!

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