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Why tobacco is bad for your teeth

Tobacco and smoking is a bad habit that ruins your teeth. It is important that you know what the effects on your dental hygiene are. This may be what you need to hear to quit this nasty habit. Many patients come to our dental clinic with their teeth destroyed thanks to cigarettes. All of them wish that they stopped sooner because the effects are nasty. Today I will open your eyes so you quit smoking or at least smoke less than before.


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Why tobacco is bad for your dental health

Tobacco and cigarettes are really bad for your teeth for several reasons. In case you did not know, it is made from lots of chemicals. I do not want to get too deep because you can just google the ingredients. You will find that most of them are bad for your teeth and soft tissue. It makes them weaker, wear the enamel down and make them prone to stains and breakage. Remember that the enamel is the coat that protects our teeth from germs and bacteria.


Which brings me to my next point, soft tissue. If tobacco can make your teeth crumble, imagine what it does to your soft tissue like gums and tongue. Exactly, It will corrode them and decompose them, increasing chances of infection. There are other bad effects such as gum recession, I think I am making it clear that cigarettes destroy every part of your mouth. You won’t see the effects right away, it will build slow and steady.


Just as it didn’t sound enough, there are other consequences of smoking in your mouth. One of them is bad breath, because you will gain a foul breath in no time. You have more than one reason to stop smoking as it can bring serious health issues. It affects your respiratory system, causing lung cancer. But that is not all, throat cancer and other types of cancer are on the table too. I suggest to start quitting cigarettes if you wish a long healthy life.


How to mitigate tobacco’s effects

As said above there are many consequences in your teeth’s health because tobacco. If you are having trouble quitting smoking or you wish to avoid destroying your teeth so fast there are a couple of things you can do. This will help you mitigate the effects of cigarettes like yellow teeth, bad breath or gum infection. It will not avoid them, just slow down a bit the effects.


The first one is to start doing a good dental hygiene routine. This should include perfect brushing, flossing and rinsing. Create the habit of cleaning your teeth at least 3 times a day. It should not take you even 5 minutes and it will make your teeth a little bit resistant of the consequences of smoking. Even so, you cannot avoid the previous problems mentioned until you stop smoking completely.

If your teeth are completely destroyed already thanks to tobacco do not despair. Every problem has a solution and a dentist can help you with that. Below you will see how to fix common problem and where to get affordable dental treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico. You can save 50% or more compared to US and Canada prices.

How to fix dental problems


To fix any if the effects caused by tobacco you need a dentist. It is the only way you can get rid of stains, bad breath, infections and restore your teeth. If your teeth are yellow the solution is a simple whitening. Remember it is very important to schedule a dental appointment every 6 months for checkup and cleaning. This will maintain your teeth in top form and avoid any dental diseases.


For gingivitis and bad cases of bad breath a deep cleaning along with scaling will be more than enough. This will make your teeth healthy again and get rid of any infection. It is important to take into account that you will need the proper time to heal. Follow every dentist’s instruction so your teeth will recuperate their shine along with the gums. Some patients health quicker than other so keep with the treatment!

Last but not least to restore any damage done by tobacco and cigarettes you got plety of options. Veneers, crowns, you name it. in case of missing teeth you should consider dental implants as they are the best options. If you are worried about the price then you should come to Dental del Rio. We have the best dentists in Los Algodones, modern facilities and nice offers and deals. You will save tons of money in dental treatment.


How to save money in dental treatment


To make an appointment you can use the contact form or the phone number. Both are fine and you will be attended by our patient coordinator. You can request FREE quote for your estimate and schedule your appointment. Remember the consultation and evaluation is FREE too so do not be shy to come to the clinic. Besides if you need any help finding hotel we can help you to locate one nice and cheap close to the clinic.



Hope this article help you consider quitting tobacco. It is certainly a habit that kills your teeth and you should quit as soon as possible. The year is almost ending and I hope you take good care of your teeth, see you in the next article!

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