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Why You Should Change Your Toothbrush

Our trusty toothbrush is a handy tool that we use for removing and cleaning our teeth from food debris and plaque. This ensures that our teeth are not slowly being damaged by harmful bacteria and acidic components in food. So when a toothbrush is clearly not in good shape, it severely affects the whole idea of brushing daily.

For this article, we shall be talking about why it is important to change our toothbrush. We also asked Los Algodones dentists to give us some insight if we are brushing our teeth right, and, lastly, we will be giving some tips to help aiding this essential daily ritual that is brushing.


Why it is important to change the toothbrush 

Quality of the bristles

It is important to keep our toothbrush always in shape. A good way to know if the toothbrush might not be up for the task is that its bristles are frayed.

Essentially, when we brush we want the bristles to hit all the nooks and crevices of our teeth. This ensures that we are scrubbing plaque and food debris away.



You might have not thought about it, but the toothbrush is a tool that should be kept in pristine conditions. After all, usually there are multiple people living in the same household, yet all the toothbrushes are in the same place, usually.

This gives ways for bacteria to travel from one toothbrush  to another, especially if one of the persons got sick recently.


When is it time to swap an old toothbrush?

Our dentists in Los Algodones always stress that it is good to change them every three months.

This helps at keeping the tool we use for our oral health clean every set amount of time. It is also useful to not diminish the toothbrush’s effectiveness overtime.

By swapping it every three months, we are keeping the tool in its top form for longer and more consistently.


Are you brushing right?

A brushing session should be at least 2 minutes. This is about the length of a song, During this time, we want to target all the teeth surfaces: the front, the back.. and also the tongue! So make sure that you are spending that time effectively:

  • Brush gently, not hard. This is important, as brushing too hard can lead to gum recession and tooth sensitivity. You are looking to remove plaque, not your teeth!
  • Use swirling motions. By using circular motions with your toothbrush, it is easier to make plaque and food debris exit their way out from the places between each tooth. Then you finish them off with flossing.
  • Brushing for 2 minutes also helps the toothpaste do its work. Also make sure to use this time to brush any space you usually forget about.
  • Pay attention to the tongue and the spaces inside your cheek. These also harbor bacteria that may cause bad breath.
  • Remember to keep the toothbrush facing up and in a dry place. Doing so keeps bacteria from proliferating, which essentially keeps it clean for when you use it next time.


Tips for keeping your teeth clean

Now these are some tips that will always prove useful anywhere you are:

  • Start and finish your day with brushing. This ensures that you give plaque no breathing room to affect your tooth enamel.
  • Dedicate one day a week for a more thorough session. Once a week, we recommend that you take your time cleaning every part of your mouth. A little day where you make sure your dental health is in top shape!
  • Make a habit of drinking plenty of water. Tap water includes fluoride and also helps hydrate your body. By drinking water you are also increasing your saliva production.
  • Check in with a dentist before it is too late. By regularly visiting a dentist for checkups, you ensure a bright future (and smile!). Keeping a regular and professional watch on your teeth will prove useful in the long run, as you avoid any major problems that might have developed by not doing anything.

We hope that these tips and information help you out! We have a wonderful staff eager to answer any question you have if you ever seek cheap dental procedures in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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