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4 Reasons To Change Your Toothbrush

Sometimes as times flies by, we forget about replacing our handy toothbrush. Or maybe we just grow too attached to it, who knows, some are very pretty! The thing is, it is a matter of hygiene when it comes to a tool we use in a daily basis. So here we list you why changing toothbrush is good for you and your oral health!



Your toothbrush is bound to get worn down through time and use

After those 3 months of use, chances are your brush is pretty beaten up. If you see its bristles being frayed and pointing countless different directions, then it is time to replace it.

When that happens, then it is a sign it is not doing the job as it should. You see, the bristles of your toothbrush have to be functional, as it is thanks to the tips that you are removing the buildup plaque. With frayed bristles, getting all of the plaque out is going to be a very difficult task.


It harbors an increasing number of bacteria

Even after rinsing the head of our toothbrush, there will be leftover bacteria there.  So one way to stop from being subjected to bacteria plus everything that happens while we are not looking is to replace that toothbrush every three months.

Los Algodones dentists also recommend to change it if you are suffering from any opening that might give those bacteria a way into your blood stream. Things such as mouth ulcers, wounds and harmed gums are ways the bacteria has contact with your body.


Helps you have better chance at preventing tooth decay

Between someone who swaps their old toothbrush with a new one and someone who doesn’t, the latter has increased chances at tooth decay. This is because the since the toothbrush is all old and bent up, then it does not work as intended.

Our teeth have very narrow spaces, nooks and crannies where bacteria and plaque form. For these spaces we need a strong and reliable tool properly brush away. This also applies for those of you who wear braces!


It is more hygienic, especially if you have been sick

This one should be pretty clear. If you have had the flu or a cold, then your toothbrush is sure to have it too. This is one of the biggest reasons why toothbrushes should be separated from each other, as to avoid infecting others.

Another reason as to why it is recommended to change your toothbrush is that there exists the risk of reinfection. Seriously, avoid this by just swapping your toothbrush! And while you are at that, get one with soft bristles if you haven’t.

Of course, it is a unspoken duty for everybody in the household to change their toothbrushes every now and then, so we encourage you to spread the word!


So how do I keep my toothbrush in top form?

There surely are ways to make your toothbrush live a longer life, and it is quite simple. Just make sure it stays in a dry and aired place.

Toothbrushes can turn into the perfect place for germs, bacteria and fungi to strive and reproduce. In order to avoid this, you must rinse and wash your brush thoroughly and then remove the excess water, then keep it in an upright position.

We also suggest you to be mindful about the force you use when brushing. If you notice your brush wears down much quicker, then you might be applying too much pressure.

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