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Veneers in Los Algodones, Mexico

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When do you need dental veneers?


Gaps between teeth can be uncomfortable for some patients. It is a cosmetic problem that can easily be repaired by porcelain veneers closing the space between teeth.


In case of slightly misaligned teeth, dental veneers can be used to offer a straightened look. This is only possible in cases where the misalignment is minor and doesn’t require another dental treatment.

Shape and size

For patients who want a cohesive and smooth smile, porcelain veneers can be a great option. They’re used to improve the shape or size of teeth to offer a harmonious smile as a result.

Discolored teeth

Some stains or discoloration cannot be removed by teeth whitening. In these cases, patients can opt for porcelain veneers to improve the look of their smile and easily get rid of stubborn stains.

The dentist will match the veneer to the rest of your teeth so it looks completely natural.

Chipped or cracked teeth

Chipped or cracked teeth not only is an aesthetic issue. It can be uncomfortable, and there is a risk of causing more damage by having it exposed.

A dental veneer can be used to cover the tooth, which fixes the imperfection improving your smile’s appearance, and also protects the remaining tooth.

A dentist needs to evaluate each case to decide if porcelain veneers are the right option, or maybe choosing different treatment options like dental crowns.

And why get your Veneers in Los Algodones?

Affordable dental care

In Los Algodones you can find affordable dental care without sacrificing the quality. You can receive the same treatment that you would get in any other country, but paying a fraction of the price. This is the reason why millions of tourists come visit each year.

Compared with other countries, like the United States, in Los Algodones you can save up to 80% in costs.

In Arizona, porcelain veneers cost between $850 and $1,500 USD per tooth. In California, the price can range between $950 and $2,500 per tooth.

In our dental clinic, Dental del Rio, we believe oral health should be accessible to everybody. Our porcelain veneers cost $350 per tooth.

Discover your new smile with top notch dental care

Los Algodones Mexico is a dental tourism destination, where many dental clinics offer the best quality work. The most skilled dentists in the country work in this city, providing top tier dental care to dental tourists that are looking for the ideal treatment plan.

In our dental clinic, Dental del Rio, you can find excellent dental veneers that can transform your smile for the better. We offer professional results that will give you the smile of your dreams.

Top tier materials and the latest technology

At our dental clinic, our priority is to offer the best dental work possible. We employ cutting-edge technology and premium materials for dental veneers to guarantee a stunning and durable smile makeoever that exceeds expectations.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and the latest advancements in dentistry, we ensure precision, durability, and natural aesthetics with every veneer.

Just across the border

Los Algodones Mexico is located just across the border, and it is possible to cross by car or even walking. It only takes 40 min drive to get to Los Algodones from Yuma, Arizona, and you only need an ID to cross.

Why Choose Us?​
Why choose Dental del Rio for your dental veneers?

Certified professional dentists

Our expert team of skilled dentists are certified professionals and part of the American Dental Association. With years of experience and a commitment to precision, our specialists meticulously craft custom veneers, tailored to suit each patient's unique needs.

Our dedication to excellence ensures stunning, long-lasting results, that can rejuvenate your smile with porcelain veneers.

Affordable dental work

Competitive prices without sacrificing the excellence of our services. Save up to 80% compared to US and Canada prices.

High-quality materials and the latest equipment

Dental clinics in Los Algodones use the best materials and modern equipment to stand out from the competition. This is why most clinics offer the latest treatments, techniques, and procedures that may not be available in other countries yet.

Bilingual staff available

If you worry about the language barrier that could exists, then you need to know that our staff and team of professionals are bilingual, able to understand you and explain to you all the needed information during your treatment.

We will guide you and assist you through your journey with your Mexico dental veneers, and help you solve all dental concerns you have.

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At Dental del Rio we take pride in offering top-notch dental treatments with the same quality and care that you would find in the United States, Canada, and other countries.

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Common Q&As

Am I a candidate for porcelain veneers?

Patients who want to transform the appearance of their smile can be candidates for porcelain veneers. Regardless if it is one tooth, a couple of teeth, or all visible teeth, veneers can help you to improve the look of your smile. If you experience any of the next conditions, you can be eligible for veneers:

  • Stained teeth or discolored teeth

  • Gaps between teeth

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth

  • Misaligned teeth

  • Uneven teeth

  • Worn down teeth

  • Irregular shaped teeth

A dentist needs to evaluate each case to determine if porcelain veneers are a viable solution. For this, the patient's oral health has to be in optimum condition to support the treatment and last many years.

In case you need previous dental treatment due to a decayed tooth, gum disease, or if you are missing teeth, the doctor needs to evaluate what other procedures can be a better solution, like dental crowns of dental implants.

How long does the procedure take?

Porcelain dental veneers cannot be done in one day. The entire treatment needs at least 2 sessions in a span of one or two weeks. During this time, each veneer is carefully crafted to match your desired smile.

What are the steps to get porcelain veneers?

On your first consultation, our cosmetic dentist will assess if dental veneers are the best option in your case. If you are a good candidate, the doctor will remove a thin layer of the enamel, only the front portion of the tooth or multiple teeth. Then, they will take an impression to send to the lab, and you can choose the color shade of the porcelain veneer.

While the permanent veneers are made, the doctor will place temporary veneers to protect your teeth, and explain to you how to take care of the temporary pieces.

The dental lab will craft the porcelain veneer in a span of a few days. This can take one or two weeks, depending on the conditions.

On your second appointment, once the permanent porcelain veneers are done, you will come back to the dental clinic and the doctor will remove the temporary pieces to bond the permanent one.

Are dental veneers painful?

The procedure is minimal and it is completely painless. The removal of the thin layer of the enamel and the bonding of the permanent veneers are simple procedures that don't hurt at all.

Even though it isn't painful, it is possible to experience some sensitivity the first two weeks after the procedure since a layer of the enamel was removed, but then it disappears. After a couple of weeks, they should feel like your natural teeth.

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Here's all you need to know about Veneers

Veneers procedure

What are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are a cosmetic dental treatment to improve the appearance of the smile. They are a thin porcelain shell that covers the tooth, and since they are usually made from porcelain, they resemble the look and feel of natural teeth.

These cosmetic enhancements are durable, providing a long-lasting solution for achieving a flawless, confident smile. With the proper care, veneers can last up to 15 years.

How do dental veneers work?

Dental veneers are custom-made in the form of thin porcelain shells. This sheet can cover any teeth imperfections, offering a drastic smile transformation. The result is a natural-looking beautiful smile that adapts to your wishes.

We suggest them as one of the best ways to restore eroded, irregular, and misaligned teeth, but they can also cover chipped or broken teeth.

What is the difference between porcelain veneers and dental crowns?

Veneers and dental crowns cater to distinct dental needs: porcelain veneers are made for cosmetic purposes, while crowns also help restore the functionality and health of the tooth.

Veneers are ideal for enhancing aesthetics, and covering flaws like discoloration or chips. It is the ideal treatment if your oral health is in optimum condition and you just want to improve the appearance of your smile.

On the other hand, a dental crown offers comprehensive coverage and structural reinforcement, ideal for extensively damaged teeth. If there are fractures or decayed teeth, dental crowns will be a better solution.

Our dentists will perform thorough assessments to recommend the most fitting solution for you, ensuring your dental health and desired aesthetic goals are met seamlessly.

Veneers in los algodones mexico
Veneers los algodones

Porcelain veneers aftercare recommendations

With the proper care, porcelain veneers can last up to 15 years. This requires a strict hygienic routine of brushing at least twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash.

The only difference between taking care of your natural teeth and veneers is in the flossing, which requires a different technique to avoid abrasion.

It is also important to visit the dentist at least twice a year for cleanings or in case there are any problems with them. This detailed care can extend the lifetime of your veneers and you will be able to enjoy them for many years.