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Root Canals in Los Algodones, Mexico

Root canals are the best way to repair a damaged tooth and prevent tooth extraction

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Benefits of root canals

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures. They can restore damaged a tooth and allow patients to have a healthier smile without the need for a dental implant or any other restorative dentistry treatment. These are the benefits of getting root canal procedures in our Los Algodones practice.

Prevent tooth loss

The most important benefit of root canal treatment is that the patients get to keep their natural teeth, which is always the ideal choice to prevent tooth loss and the many other consequences of it, like bone loss and infection of the surrounding teeth.

With good oral hygiene and regular check ups, a restored tooth can last for the rest of your life. If needed, the dental crown placed on the tooth can be changed by a simple procedure after some years.

Maintain the aesthetic of the smile

Keeping your natural teeth means maintaining the beauty of your smile. The endodontist (root canal dentist) will choose the color of your dental crowns to match the rest of your teeth, and you will be able to smile confidently without needing any extra procedures.

Saving your natural teeth if possible will always be the best option.

Root canals won’t change how the tooth feels

It is also important to consider that this dental work won’t make your restored tooth feel any different from the rest of your teeth.

The nerves and blood vessels that will be extracted during the procedure are there because they make the tooth grow during its developing stage.

A fully formed tooth can exist without this soft tissue and it will feel completely normal when chewing.

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Save money on affordable dental care

A great benefit of saving your teeth with a root canal in Los Algodones, instead of extraction, is that it is cost-effective by not needing any extra procedure to replace the missing teeth, like dental implants or bridges, which are more expensive procedures, with prices of thousands of dollars in the US and Canada.

In our dental clinic in Los Algodones Mexico (aka Molar City), we offer you dental treatments at affordable prices so you can receive quality dental care and save money at the same time.


Restore your oral health with experienced dentists

Our endodontists will provide you with the best dental care possible and enjoy good oral health.

In our dental clinic, you will be treated by a specialist in endodontics. We are equipped with advanced technology so you can get your treatment done in the easiest way possible.

Your doctor will guide you through the process and attend to your specific needs.

Cutting-Edge Dental Facilities

Or dental clinic is fully equipped with the latest technology. Your root canal dentist (endodontist) will take x-rays of your bite to make sure you need a root canal or any other treatment.

Near the U.S border

To visit our dental center you won’t have to travel far away, and it is even possible to reach the city by car. That’s why it has become a favorite destination for medical tourism.

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Root canals in Los Algodones Mexico, get quality and affordable dental work today

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We are part of the American Dental Association and our experienced endodontists work under the same standards as the best dental clinics in the USA. This means that you will receive excellent dental care at a great price.

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Common Q&As

When is a root canal the best treatment option?

Root canals can save teeth that have suffered different types of damage, like severe tooth decay (when an untreated cavity gets too deep and affects the inside of the tooth), a deep crack, or a problem caused by a previous treatment like a filling.

If there's a diseased or damaged pulp, a root canal treatment will be the best option to save the tooth and avoid the further complications that this can cause.

Some of the symptoms that might indicate that you need a root canal are:

  • Toothache: Strong pain when biting or prolonged discomfort during the day.

  • A cracked tooth or with a deep cavity.

  • Pain, swelling, or darkness in the gums that surround the affected tooth.

  • Sensitivity to cold or hot.

The final diagnosis and treatment plan will always be provided by your dentist.

If you have any of these symptoms, visit us at our dental clinic in Los Algodones so you can receive the best dental care.

Is the root canal procedure painful?

One of the first patients' concerns when the dentist recommends a root canal treatment is pain. You need to know that thanks to modern general dentistry, the root canal procedure is not complicated and it's completely painless.

Root canal procedures are routine treatments that can be done in one or two visits to the dental office, depending on each patient's case. The procedure is done under local anesthetic so you won't feel any pain.

After the root canal is done, your dentist may recommend over-the-counter medications to relieve pain for a couple of days.

Feeling some sensitivity to cold or hot the first days after the treatment is also common, but it should go away after about two weeks.

How to prepare for a root canal treatment

The root canal procedure is not complicated so there's no need for extra preparation before going to your dental appointment. In most cases, you will be even able to drive yourself home afterward.

It is advised to avoid all types of alcoholic drinks and tobacco 24 hours before the procedure to prepare the gums for local anesthesia.

A good recommendation is to eat before the treatment so you can wait around 4 hours after to eat again. Your first meal after a root canal should be soft to avoid pain and discomfort when chewing.

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Here's all you need to know about Root Canals

Root canal treatments in los algodones

What is a root canal treatment?

There are different treatment options to restore a damaged tooth to avoid extraction whenever possible, and a root canal treatment is one of them.

Also known as endodontics, a root canal is a procedure that aims to extract the soft tissue from inside the tooth, called the pulp, in cases when this is inflamed due to infected tooth or any type of damage to the tooth.

This way, the tooth won’t need to be extracted, and as the pulp chamber will be filled with a special resin, there won’t be a chance of re-infection in the future.

By avoiding the extraction, the patient won’t need to go through any other dental procedures to restore missing teeth.

Teeth treated with root canals keep their functionality and aesthetic.

How is the root canal treatment done?

Oral health issues like severe tooth decay or an infected tooth can damage the inside of the tooth and cause an infection or inflammation of the tooth’s pulp.

This soft tissue is located on the deepest part of the teeth behind the dentin and contains all the nerves and blood vessels; this is the reason why there’s so much pain when there’s an infected pulp.

To remove the affected tissue and prevent further damage, in the first stage of the treatment the dentist will use a drill to clear the tooth cavity to get rid of all the root canal infection, then take out the nerves and tissue from inside the tooth root. If there is an abscess it will be drained as well. The pulp chamber will then be filled and sealed with a material called gutta-percha.

To restore the outside of the tooth and protect the inside, a dental crown will be placed. This way the patient will be able to keep their natural tooth with all its function and aesthetic.

The root canal procedure is done in about two hours, in one or two sessions depending on the patient’s needs

Root canals can also be performed on a damaged front tooth to save it from being extracted

Root canal treatments in los algodones