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Implant Procedures 
Std. Titanium Implant$750
Nobel Biocare Implant$1,000
Straumann Implant$950
Implant Crown + Abutment$450
Sinus Lifting$700 - $1,200
Bone Graft$600
Implant Supported Denture (Removable-With 2 Implants)3,250
Implant Supported Denture (Removable-With 3 Implants)$3,990
All on 4 - with fixed acrylic bridge$8,900
All on 6 - with Nobel Biocare implants$11,100
All on 8 - System with fixed porcelain bridge$13,300
Veneers / Crowns 
Crown porcelain fused with metal$180
Ceramic Crown / Full Porcelain$300
Zirconia Crown$450
Porcelain Veneer$350
Night Guard$80
Partial Denture / Metal/Flexible frame$480
Full Denture - Immediate/Healing$280
Full Denture - Porcelain Teeth$350
Root Canal
Root Canal$180
Post Core Build-up$70
Cleaning, Whitening, Filling and Extractions
Laser Cleaning$180
Zoom Whitening$280
Teeth Whitening$180
Simple Extraction$40
Composite Filling$40
Wisdom Teeth Extraction$180
X-Ray / Bitewing or Periapical$10
Panoramic X-Ray$50
Initial examination and consultationFree