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Kevin king
Kevin King
Dental del Rio changed my life!
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Dental del Rio changed my life! My teeth were so bad I could take a bite at a sandwich and miss. I wanted zirconia crowns to replace the mess and I had no idea where to even start in Los Algodones because there are so many dentists to choose from. After reading some of the reviews on Google I decided to make a consultation appointment at Dental del Rio and I'm so glad I did. Their representative reached out within 24 hours and scheduled my appointment, sent me directions, contact info, and an emergency number to call.

After arriving in Mexico I experienced how awesome this Dental del Rio team was. I felt like they really cared about me, my safety, my pain levels even getting me to my hotel and back. 1st day I went for a CT scan and they made some molds of my teeth and prepped them for the crowns. My price quote was so low, I was really amazed. Then I went back, was fitted for my crowns, and the doctor took plenty of time to get everything adjusted perfectly. They even perfected my bites and canines, extracted a broken wisdom tooth and took time to teach me how to care for the crowns. I'm so happy, I look like a totally different person now and the quality is superb.

Oh, by the way..the city of Los Algodones is fun. It's small but authentic. All the medical stuff closes up by around 5 and then the city is sleepy but had everything. I originally planned to stay at the hotel on the Native reservation on the USA side but wasn't really happy with it so the Dental del Rio team got me a place in town. It was nice being able to make a mini vacation out of it, I met almost everyone in town and they were all amazing. It's truly a hidden gem that was worth every minute of the 3.5 hour drive from Los Angeles.

Warren brown
Warren Brown
Keep in mind that savings in Mexico is a healthy 60%-70% less than US!
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I usually do not write reviews but I have to recommend the Staff at Dental Del Rio in Los Algodones. This is an excellent team that helped made me decide to schedule a serious mouth makeover of 21 crowns and a partial denture. Great work done. Their experience was obvious as the entire smooth dental process took maybe 4 hours in the chair and spread-out into a casual four day adventure into Baja Norte!

Keep in mind that savings in Mexico is a healthy 60%-70% less than US! Typically you can walk-in to most offices and expect your dental work to begin the same day without an appointment! Amazing! Labs, as well as x-rays and scans, are usually very close by.......just across the street. Considering US dental appointments usually require weeks/months advance scheduling, the dentists in Los Algodones are geared to work as soon as you arrive. If you have the time to go and perhaps stay a few days, do it soon.....and you will be smiling even sooner!

After reviewing the dental options here in he US, I am glad I found "Molar City". Thanks again Dental Del Rio. So far so good!

Payton hall
Payton Hall
The price is beyond unbelievably good!
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I live in Phoenix Az and woke up in the middle of the night with severe tooth pain. I called first thing in the morning and headed down. They got me in same day for exams and the next day they did 10 fillings.

The price is beyond unbelievably good! The office members are very nice and very accommodating. I got to the hotel they came and picked my up and dropped me off.

I was happier with this dental office then any dental office I have ever visited in the states. I highly recommend this office. I actually already have 2 friends ready to head down for work and I just finished up my work today!

Thanks for a great experience at a amazing price!

Nikki konwinski
Nikki Konwinski
The quality of care far exceeded the price I paid.
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The staff was very friendly and respectful of my time. They explained what dental procedures I needed done in an easy to understand way. They also made sure that I was thoroughly numbed and comfortable throughout the process.

The quality of care far exceeded the price I paid. I would recommend this place if you are anxious when it comes to dental procedures because they can help ease your concerns.

Daniel downs
Daniel Downs
I chose Dental Del Rio because it had so many high ratings.
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I did a good deal of research on the dental firms in Los Algodones, and chose Dental Del Rio because it had so many high ratings. I called for information and received a call-back within 4 hours. I was able to schedule an appointment for 3 implants and a sinus lift with less than 3 weeks notice.

The staff was very competent, and the service was comparable to the US at a fraction of what I was quoted in the US. The folks in the waiting room had unanimous high praise for the firm, and I completely agree and have been recommending them at every opportunity.

Tal maranan
Tal Maranan
Its my 4th time here in dental del rio.
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Its my 4th time here in dental del rio. I went here because they prices (estimates) are already on their website. So its very convenient for me that I have already idea of how much the procedure I want. They will accommodate you and will work on your schedule for the next visit.

Last time I bring my husband with me and he get full zirconia &he loves it. Now Im with my mom for her dentures. I will recommend to everyone. They are accommodating and they speak english really well. 🫰🏻🥰❤️

Diane bub
Diane Bub
I have and will continue to recommend them
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First time going to Dental Del Rio. The staff was wonderful and reassuring. Beautiful nice clean new building. I feel that I can trust them with all my Dental needs.

Just returned after 3 months to get my veneers. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. The staff were very friendly and professional. I was nervous and they put me at ease. I have and will continue to recommend them.

Mary mendoza
Mary Mendoza
If there’s a rating up to 10 stars, I’d give them 11 stars!
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My husband and I researched extensively on which dental clinic in Los Algodones to choose for his dental work-up. We chose Dental Del Rio and we could not be happier with their service. From their patient coordinators for pre, intra, and post procedures, to their dentists and dental assistants, they all exhibited great knowledge and expertise in their work. Their communication is par excellent. We were informed of everything from the moment we booked an appointment and throughout the process. In addition, the clinic staff were very courteous, helpful, and caring.

I was so impressed with our first visit, that I decided to have some dental cleaning done as well when we came back for our second visit. They did not disappoint. Excellent service! As a healthcare worker myself, I am very well aware of the importance of good patient relations. Dental Del Rio excels in patient relations and service.If there’s a rating up to 10 stars, I’d give them 11 stars!

Tony sutton
Tony Sutton
Wow what a excellent dental service provider these people are.
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UPDATE. As a update had a small issue from last visit, walked in no appointment and they addressed the problem immediately no hassle at all.

Dental del Rio wow what a excellent dental service provider these people are. The office staff are super friendly and helpful. And the pricing is UNBEATABLE and sanitation is Obviously a priority for Dental Del Rio as it is clean and well cared for.

I'll probably be using this establishment as long as we live down here, well worth the 2 hour drive. Outstanding all the way around if it wasn't for being "dental "work I'd be saying I look forward to coming back here, as it is that good of service or I'm that happy at the money I am saving.

Cindy nelson
Cindy Nelson
I am so thankful and grateful that we have found this clinic.
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I went down with my bf thinking I only needed a cleaning and replacement of an old crown. It was our first time there. He needed to have an implant checked/tightened. Well, come to find out, the work I had done at another dentist in Tecate was totally failing. I am so thankful and grateful that we have found this clinic.

If you Google what this town is famous for- it’s medical and dental. 3 crowns, 2 implants, 1 root canal. While I was sitting in the waiting room, I was chatting with a lady that flys here from Georgia, we drove from Utah. Thank you for taking care of us!

J we
j We
It was swift and smooth with adequate equipment & facilities
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Dental del Rio did an excellent job, I got a deep cavity cleaned out & a 3 tooth zirconia bridge placed on my back left three molars. Throughout the process they ensured I was informed about what was being done, why it was being done, & the credentials of who was doing it. It was swift and smooth with adequate equipment & facilities (no dental chairs a foot apart from one another like certain other offices).

Jeannie christian
Jeannie Christian
I cannot recommend this office enough.
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First time going to Mexico for dental work. I was really nervous and did a lot of research. I had a severely impacted wisdom tooth that has gave me some major problems. I never once felt any pain having the surgery done here. The office is so clean. The staff are all amazing. Very nice, friendly and accommodating.

I highly recommend calling before you reach the border for a free shuttle from them. I am going back for root canals. I cannot recommend this office enough. The dentists are so knowledgeable and kind. They are out to fix your teeth and make you happy. You can tell that patients are their number one concern, not just money.

I couldn't afford to do everything needed. They didn't treat me like I wasn't going to make them enough money. They came up with a plan with me. These people really are great. Thank you.

I also want to add that I came back through with my state driver's license, no problems. Border patrol was very nice. No passport but no hassles.

This is my favorite dental office in the world.
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This is my favorite dental office in the world. I had a great dentist for 30 years in Los Angeles but they haven’t been doing such good work here the work is better and it is guaranteed. If there is a small problem they will fix it for you whereas my LA dentist said sorry we need another $3500.

If you need dental always go to Mexico. The best!


"Their professionalism, flexibility and personal attention have won my loyalty."

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