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Bad drinks for your dental hygiene

There a lot of drinks that are delicious, you know, the classic coffee, soda or alcohol. But did you know that abusing some of these beverages are bad for your teeth? Today I want to help you open your eyes and reconsider drinking lots of these drinks. Then I want to recommend some alternatives that will help you get stronger and more beautiful teeth.

Drinks that ruin your smile


Without wasting any more time, let’s begin with today’s topic. The first drink we have to be aware that is ruining your teeth is coffee. And thrust me, I love coffee just like the next guy. But the truth is that if you drink more than 1 cup a day is going to leave a mark on your teeth. Coffee can stain your teeth really easy and if you add sugar and cream it can cause cavities too.


Next is alcohol, specially wine. Alcohol is bad for your teeth for the same reasons as coffee. But it is not only bad for your teeth, it destroy your lever too. Try to tone down you alcohol consumption to improve your dental health. The last on the list is soda which is super bad for your teeth because it has tons of sugar.

How to improve


Obviously you can opt for natural drinks like juices. They have less sugar and no additives like colorant. On top of that we recommend practicing a good dental hygiene like brushing your teeth 3 times a day and using dental floss and mouthwash.


In the end the best advice on this list is to come to Dental del Rio in Los Algodones Mexico for dental cleaning. This will be the best for your teeth with the best prices and the best staff, well prepared and fluent in English.


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