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Dental Floss: Are Floss Picks Worth It?

Every dentist out there will remind you that you must brush your teeth twice a day, but also to floss once a day! This is an important habit that helps removing foreign objects and plaque from between our pearly whites.

For this article we will be talking about one flossing alternative out there: Dental floss picks. So expect us to cover such questions such as what are they, what types are there, and how it compares to normal flossing.


Dental floss picks 


First, we will explain what dental floss picks are. Floss picks are small pieces of disposable plastic that have a small piece of dental floss. They offer many advantages in comparison to normal flossing as they are easier to use and handle.

Los Algodones dentists lists us a few of the advantages that dental floss picks have overall:

  • They reach the back teeth far easier than normal floss. When compared to normal flossing, it is clear that having a plastic tool makes it easier to control and target the back teeth.
  • They are just as effective. There are plenty of studies around that compare both the effectiveness of flossing normally and the use of dental floss picks. Boiled down, they are both pretty good at the job and the only difference is how thorough you are at it.
  • Makes it easier for people with limited mobility. For those who have arthritis or other impairments that impede the complex movements of using flossing, dental floss picks prove to be a much better alternative.


Types of dental floss picks

One thing to pint out is that you can find different types of dental floss picks out there.

As you may know, the most common ones are the disposable plastic ones, but there are many more options to choose from. For example, you can find floss picks here in Los Algodones that are made with no-slip material to make gripping the floss pick far more easier.

Other types of picks come with their own tongue scraper, which is used for cleaning the tongue from foreign objects, plaque and trapped food. Lastly, there are also more high technological available ones available nowadays, which are battery-powered and bring many benefits.


Floss picks VS normal floss


Now comes an important issue to discuss: which one is better? Is there really a superior option? Well, it truly depends on what you like best. Both forms of flossing are different and as such easier for other people to pick up and maintain.

Dental floss is always a good habit to pick up and keep as it cleans from between the teeth reliably. It only requires the thread with no other tool at hand. On the other hand it can be gimmicky if you cannot get the motion down for one reason or another.

Then we have floss picks which prove to be an efficient alternative. It offers just as many benefits and helps picking up the habit easily and reliably. It requires an extra tool, which is the disposable plastic in order to carry out, but other than that it ensures a good job done. Moreover, it helps reaching the far places far easier!

Either it is one way or the other, flossing will surely help you keep those pearly whites clean and healthy. It will help you against gum disease and also avoid getting tartar form between your teeth and around the gum lines.