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Bruxism: Clenching and Grinding Teeth

When aiming towards a good oral health, there are certain aspects that may seem a bit outside our grasp, such is the case of bruxism. In this article, we would like to inform you all about it, as well as offer some tips against it. But not only that, but also raise awareness, as it is such an underrated issue to most patients.


What it is

Bruxism, in short words, is when we clench our teeth. It is fairly simple explanation, yes, but it gets a bit more tricky as to why it happens. Even more so when we do not intend to do that most of the time! Constantly grinding and clenching your teeth can prove fatal to the overall oral health.

By grinding your teeth, your are wearing them down as the tooth enamel is the hardest part of our bodies. Think of it as scratching a diamond with another diamond.

The end result is wearing down and cracking your tooth enamel, which eases up the path for tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.


Two types of bruxism

Typically there are two scenarios where we clench or grind our teeth, both with their differences. You see, there are the people that clench their teeth during the day, and then the people that do it during the night, when they are sleeping.

As such, we divide them in these two categories as they are fairly different.

During the day

Bruxism throughout the day, or clenching and grinding your teeth as you are awake. This is mostly triggered through stress, anxiety, anger and frustration, mostly as a way of coping with their current situation. As such it is recommended for those who suffer from it to seek exercise and pleasant activities such as listening to music, meditation, etc.


During the night

This is mostly known as ‘nocturnal bruxism’, and there are not clear scientific explanations as to why it happens. Though it is believed to be a combination of external and internal factors. People who suffer from this usually wake up with a headache, pain on the jaw, neck, a very stiff jaw, or even sensitive teeth.


How to treat bruxism

It usually depends on what causes you to grind your teeth, but there are a handful of things you can t ry to diminish it:

  • If it only happens during the day, then it is just a matter of changing things up a bit. Attempt to lower the source of stress and anxiety and know what usually calms you.
  • The clenching might also be related to an unusual bite. That is, the way your teeth align with each other makes it even easier to suffer from it. You might consider fillings or crown treatments to help correct this.
  • Consult your dentist if the grinding of teeth happens at night. They will be able to issue you a custom-made appliance, a mouth guard, to use while you sleep. This appliance typically goes on the top set of your teeth and will avoid them from grinding against the lower set.


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