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Fixing your teeth with veneers

Hello guys, I am happy to see you gain in this blog. Today we will talk about fixing your teeth with veneers. They are a popular choice among patients so we are going to teach you when to choose to go for this procedure. I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot, if you wish to save money in veneers we will teach you in this article as well.


But before I start with today’s topic I want to remind you of our blog. You can find many articles regarding dental health and dental treatment here. We have covered hundreds of topics by now and it will help us if you read them. Also you can help us grow by leaving your feedback down in the comments and recommending this article with your friends.


What are dental veneers?


Dental veneers for starters are a little mask that goes in front of your tooth. It can change radically how a smile looks. Also, it is imperceptible so nobody will tell if your teeth are real or fake. The trick to get good veneers is to choose the right material and the right dentist. Another point on tis favor is that they are affordable for any budget.


The procedure consists in wearing down the front of the tooth, just little bit. Dental veneers are really thin, so for fixing your smile you do not need to wear it down a lot. This is quick and painless and after that the veneers is glued to the tooth. After a couple of hours your smile will be ready to look amazing at the world.


One cool thing about veneers is that it can create a new smile for the patient. It can fix crooked teeth, stain teeth and more. It is like a mask that will go in the front of the tooth, giving it a new face. It is really a good choice to get that beautiful perfect smile we always dreamed of. You would be surprise by the amount of people get this treatment to improve their teeth.


To put some examples, you may have seen that celebrities have beautiful straight teeth. Most of them uses veneers to as a way to fixing their crooked smile. Cristiano Ronaldo among others has recurred to veneers to get that beautiful perfect smile. As we said before it is not that expensive to get, especially if you come to our clinic in Los Algodones.


What material is available for fixing my smile?


There are many materials available for veneers but only a few are good for your teeth. We suggest going for porcelain as the material is hard, resistant and aesthetical pleasing. Another option is going with zirconia which is the best available at the market. This is a process you should discuss with your dentist to decide for the best option for you.


What you should not do is to get plastic or acrylic veneers. They are cheaper in prices, quality and can ruin your smile instead of fixing it. They can break really easily and stain very bad. Many patients come to the clinic to get porcelain veneers to get rid of their previous ones. Also, stay away from any DIY kit or veneers that are available at the stores and online. Their quality is really bad so you will be wasting your money on those.


If you are worried about the final look, don’t be. At the lab we can make them look however you want. The shape, the color, the length won’t be a problem because they can be custom made for you. We strive to satisfy every need from our patients to make them look beautiful.


The best place to get your veneers is at a dental office and we can help you with that. Veneers tend to be expensive in the United State and Canada but here in Los Algodones you can get the same quality at half the price.


Where to get top quality dental veneers


Dental del Rio in Los Algodones is the best place to get your veneers and fix your smile. We have a modern facility with dentists trained in the US and abroad. Here you can expect to pay way less for any dental treatment that you and your family needs. Dental implants, veneers, dentures, crowns and more at half the price, image saving money in dental.


To make an appointment simply fill the form above or call us in business hours. Our patient coordinator will be pleased to attend you and help you during the process. We can find you accommodations and more so your stay in town can be relaxing and pleasing. Do not be shy and contact us to make your appointment now, you won’t regret it. we suggest to learn more about our team and reviews by clicking the link above.


How to clean my veneers


Cleaning you veneers is really easy, it is done just as natural teeth. In case you do not know, or have terrible dental hygiene, you need to brush your teeth 3 times a day. After every meal you should brush your teeth using vertical motions. Remember to be very gentle and careful to avoid damage in your teeth enamel and gums. You have to treat your veneers just as you would treat your natural teeth.


Be careful with food debris stuck between your teeth, they can ruin your veneers too. To get rid of these, use dental floss after brushing. You can use an interdental brush to make things really easy. After that using antiseptic mouthwash will clean your entire mouth form germs and bacteria. This is a very important step to avoid caries, stains and bad breath.


Hope this article served you to make the decisions to get dental veneers to fix your smile. For other treatments you can also ask us at Dental del Rio and make an appointment for FREE. See you next week with a new article, hope you have a good rest of the week. Bye!

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