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Get to know your dental implants

Hello dear readers, welcome back again to our humble blog. Dental implants are one of our most requested treatments, by far the most popular. Today I will teach you basic things to learn before getting yours. Also if you wish to know more about them to make a decision, this article will help you as well. It is important to study and evaluate all your options before getting a dental treatment.

This will help you to save time and money to leave the dental clinic happy and satisfied with your choice. We can help you with that because we have hundreds of articles dedicated to dental hygiene and dental treatment. So if you want to grow your knowledge and like our content, leave us a comment down below. You can leave us your suggestions and thoughts too, we love hearing from you guys.


I do not want to waste any more of your time so let’s begin to learn about them. I will try to make it as easy and simple to understand. Sometimes patients get discouraged because they do not understand how a treatment works. However do not forget that you can ask any questions regarding today-s subject.


What are dental implants?


In case you did not know, dental implants are a marvel of dentistry. It consists in a screw that goes in the jaw to support a tooth or a group of teeth. They offer a permanent solution for tooth loss, which makes them a miracle. A new tooth that won’t rot, or won’t fall off it’s a great deal. Especially for patients who do not like to use dentures, bridges and other treatments that are detachable.

The way they work is thanks to a CT scan that is performed first. This will help the dentist to determine if the patient has enough bone jaw to set the implants. If that is not the case, then a bone graft is necessary to fill the gap. After that is done the implants can be installed, a high tech drill is used for the job. It has a computer that can help the dentist to set the dental implants in the exact place. The screw is topped with a temporary tooth or denture for the healing period.


The healing period has 4 to 8 months duration depending on the patient’s care. In the meantime, it is important to follow every instruction given by the dentist to heal nice. This includes a diet and avoiding certain activities during that period. After the healing period is concluded then the patient comes back for the permanent tooth or denture usually made from porcelain. It is a long wait but it is certainly worth it.


What can I do with them?


There are many dental treatments that include dental implants. As we said above you can opt to replace a single tooth and a full denture. That does not mean that are the only two, options, you can form a bridge or use them in a specific way. It is always important to get a consultation and evaluation with your dentist to decide the best course of action going forward.


For some patients and Allon6 is better than an Allon4 because of their jawbone. These treatments use 6 and 4 implants respectively to support a full denture. Other patients could need another solution like a snap on denture. Even so there are patients that want dental implants and they do not need them at all. You can find all of this with a consultation at a dental clinic by a professional.


However these kind of dental treatments are really expensive in the use. They can cost hundreds of dollars and not everyone can afford them. If you do not have dental insurance it can be impossible for some people. Even so you can find them at affordable prices at our clinic as we are located in Los Algodones, Mexico. More on that down below in the next part. Where you can learn more about our top tier team, experts in dental implants



Where to get the best price in Los Algodones


Know you know almost all about dental implants. It is time to make a decision or choose your treatment. The question is where you can get the best price for top quality dental treatmenet. There is only one place that it comes to mind and that is our clinic Dental del Rio. We are one of the top dental clinics in Los Algodones because we offer the best quality at the best price. It is affordable for any kind of budget and that is why patients prefer us.


Our facilities are up to date, along with bilingual friendly staff. Our dentists graduated from the United States and make refreshment courses overseas. You can check their CV at the our team link above. You will be in very good hands and find the best prices here, 50% less than the US and Canada. That is right, you can get the best dental treatments with the same quality at home at half the price. That is a steal in my book.


To make an appointment use the contact form above to schedule yours. It is really simple to use, all you have to do is use click the contact form button above. There you will have to fill it with the information requested so we can contact you. Then you will receive an estimate to your email and then you can request an appointment. Another route you can employ is to call us at the phone number above at business hours.


And that is it, you will have your appointment at Dental del Rio. If you need help with finding accommodations and transportation we can lend you a hand too. Our patient coordinator will be more than glad to make your travel easier for you! That is all for today, hope you enjoy it and consider visiting us in this lovely town. See you soon and do not forget to take good care of your teeth!

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