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How to enjoy coffee without ruining your teeth

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, it is so delicious. It helps you stay awake and alert and you can drink it however you like, there is a cup of coffee for everyone. However, it is important to know that coffee is also bad for our teeth. That is why today I will tell you about the bad things this drink brings to the table and how to fix them. That way o you can enjoy your cup comfortably without ruining your precious smile.


Remember we upload a new article every week, so stay tune for more. You can learn everything about dental health and dental hygiene, plus dental treatment in one place. Here at our humble blog just want you to have a good time, learn and hopefully set up an appointment to meet our team. Now lets see how coffee can affect our teeth.

Why coffee is bad for your teeth


I want to make a short disclaimer saying that I do not want you to stop drinking coffee if that is what you like. I just want to say is that there are some side effects that affects our dental health. In order to avoid them or mitigate them, you need to know about it. Then you can learn how to counter it effectively to have healthier teeth.


Stained teeth


As you may know by know, drinking too much coffee will make your teeth yellow. This is a scenario many enjoyers of this delicious drink suffer. Nothing is worse than smiling and showing your stained teeth to the public. It is a little embarrassing but do not worry as you can fix it with a good cleaning at your dentist. By the way we have excellent prices here at Dental del Rio if you wish to save money in dental.


Remember that going for regular checkup and cleaning every 6 months or so will make your teeth look perfect always. Do not miss your yearly appointments or your teeth will look like cheddar cheese, or worse. I think the only way to mitigate this is to drink iced coffee through a straw, so the drink does not enter in direct contact to your teeth. But you know, it looks goofy and weird depending on the cup.


One thing I discourage is the use of whitening DIY kits. They tend to be too abrasive to your teeth leading to teeth sensitivity. On the other hand, whitening strips can work better and are less invasive. However, nothing will beat good old’ cleaning at the dentist.


Don’t add too much sugar and cream


Not everyone likes to drink plain black coffee, some enjoy to put some sugar and cream in theirs. I like to drink a latte or a moka occasionally but you have to know the risk. The thing with sugar is that it corrodes our teeth enamel, wear down your teeth causing cavities. This can leave the pulp and the root exposed in the long run. That is why you should avoid abusing this drink.


The key word here is moderation, if you dial down the sugar and cream you will be saving your teeth. You do not need to put too much sugar or cream in order to prepare a delicious beverage. If you are like me, who enjoys making my own cup, search for a good healthy recipe instead of whipping it. This is what makes a dessert rather than a cool cup.


If you buy your coffee outside, then keep in mind to not add or ask for too much sugar and cream, if it is unavoidable then avoid buying it too much, put a limit like a cup a week or so. Trust me when I say that your teeth will be far healthier by making your own cup at home. You can make it however you want and taste delicious, so start seeking for offer in coffeemakers machines.


How to enjoy your coffee without sacrificing your dental health


As said above, there are many things you can do to mitigate the bad effects of coffee. The first one I one to tell you about is about hydration. Drinking enough water daily helps your mouth produce more saliva. This acts as a natural cleanser for your teeth and helps your mouth clean itself. You can achieve the same with sugarless chewing gum, but it will only work if you drink enough water.

The next thing is good dental hygiene, of course. Brushing your teeth after every meal will help you clean your teeth from all the coffee and additives, especially sugar. Remember that you should brush your teeth at least 2 times per day. Accompany with proper use of dental floss and mouthwash and your teeth will be white as pearls.


One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you cannot avoid dental diseases just by brushing your teeth. You need to invest yearly as said before in dentists so your teeth are always healthy. I know it can be expensive in the US but if you come to Los Algodones, it is a different story. You can save money by coming to Dental del Rio.


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