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How to treat dental caries

Hi glad to see you again in this awesome blog. Dental caries is one of the most common causes of appointment at our clinic. Many patients experiences the horrific pain and the must see a dentist as soon as possible. That is why today we will learn about caries and how to avoid them. This will help you to get healthier teeth and avoid diseases that can ruin your smile. Also, I will teach you a useful trick that will help you to save money in dental treatment.


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Dental caries, know them better

You can also find info about dental caries as cavities. It is a condition where a hole is formed in a tooth. The causes can be varied and there a lot of myths and misinformation spread about this. Many patients believe that sugar causes caries, or that brushing your teeth will avoid this completely. Both are false and I will explain more about this later. What you need to know right now is about your tooth enamel.

This thin film covers your tooth and protects it from germs, bacteria and more. When it gets corroded or worn down then the dentin is exposed and a hole starts forming. This is because the acidic reaction form germs and bacteria that grows in the mouth. The acidic reaction is also product of what we eat and our dental hygiene. It causes a chain reaction and bad dental hygiene thanks to sugar.


This means that you can consume sugar normally and avoid dental caries. On the other hand, one of the most common causes is bad brushing technique. Many patients tend to brush their teeth really hard and be aggressive about it. This is a huge no and you should use gentle and slow strokes to avoid damage in your enamel. Another mistake is not brushing your teeth enough, you should be doing it at least 3 times a day and do it tight.


The ultimate brushing technique


If you wish to avoid dental caries you need to have a good dental hygiene. In order to do so you need to brush your teeth regularly. We are looking to 2 to 3 times a day. Many patients also think that brushing your teeth immediately after eating is doing good to avoid caries. This is another mistake because after eating our teeth get sensitive. If you feel any sensation when drinking hot or cold drinks it means your enamel is in bad shape.


What you should do is wait a couple of minutes before brushing your teeth. A good toothpaste helps a lot to do the job. Use a little bit, do not overdo it, just covering half the bristle is enough. Then face the bristles in front of your gums and start scrubbing up and down. Do not use force or quick movements. Just be gentle and slow about it. That way you will be avoiding doing any damage to your teeth enamel.


How to treat dental caries


You may wonder what to do about dental caries. First thing you must know is that you should never try to treat it at home. You can apply some remedies to soothe the pain but never try to fix it yourself. This can worsen the matter and what you should be doing is making an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible. Any home remedy is a lie, so do not trust everything you read online. Do not be dumb to fall into these kind of traps.

The way to treat this caries will depend on how affected the tooth is. In some patients, a filling will be more than enough to fix it. One thing to take into account is that you should get composite resin for your fillings and not metal. Nowadays is not a safe option to go for and composite resin will be better in every way. If the caries affects the root, then a root canal will be necessary to extract it. if this is the case then the tooth has to be replaced with a crown or an implant. All these dental treatments available here at Dental del Rio in Los Algodones, Mexico.

How to make an appointment at Dental del Rio


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