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Simple Tips To Improve Oral Health

We all want perfect teeth, but for that we need to have a good oral health! In this article we seek to give you some simple tips and things to follow in order to achieve just that.

Ultimately, we seek to show you just how easy it is to carry a good oral habit for your teeth. And believe me, you will be grateful that you follow these as they will help you keep them for a long time!


Tips for your oral health:

The toothbrush is very important

Just like my grandpapa used to say: “the job takes half the time with the right tools.” Picking the right toothbrush is essential, and there are some things you have to be on the lookout for that:

  • The size in relation to your needs. That is, if you will be able to reach all the hard spots in the back and it won’t be an issue.
  • That it has soft bristled. Otherwise they will be harming your tooth enamel.


Watch your brushing technique

Now that you have a good toothbrush for the job, now comes the brushing technique:

  • You are looking to cover all your mouth, that means the front and the back of your teeth. Also your tongue and inside of your cheeks.
  • Make sure that you are reaching all the places that need to be. If there are spots where food usually gets stuck, pay close attention to them.
  • Remember to tilt the toothbrush 45° against your gumline to hit all the buildup plaque inside it.
  • You can even set the bar higher and brush with your left hand. This will not only make you be careful to brush everything right, but also fight Alzheimers.


Keep an eye on what you consume

There are many drinks and foods out there that can really impact the color of your teeth.

The most common drinks that stain your teeth are usually dark colored. So beverages such as soda, coffee, wine and tea affect the color of your teeth.

There are also some foods that cause discoloration of the teeth. Some of them are pasta sauces, curry and berries. Though if you clean and rinse your mouth regularly, there shouldn’t be so much trouble.

Also, take into account that a good diet is essential for your whole body. Not only do nutrients keep you working and functioning, it keeps your gums healthy as well.


Make sure to ask your dentist everything

As our dentist in Los Algodones suggest, you should visit one every 6 months! This will help you keep track of how your mouth is developing, and help you be right in track towards a clear and beautiful smile.

  • So making dental visits a routine is pretty helpful, among the benefits there are:
  • Professional and thorough cleaning of your teeth every once in a while.
  • Exhaustive check of your mouth for any signs or cancer or other diseases.
  • Tips and personal advice as to how to improve your oral health.
  • Records and history of your mouth changes throughout the years.


Include fluoride in your diet as well

Last but not least, make sure your tap water includes fluoride, it helps your oral health greatly! It has been proven that fluoride strengthens your tooth enamel and helps remineralizing it. Thus, the cases of tooth decay drop dramatically in comparison to those who do not drink fluoridated water. Of course, fluoride also comes in toothpastes, which you should get.


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