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Before you get your first braces

Hellos guys, let’s continue talking about dental treatment here. Today I want to tell you about braces, one of the most requested treatments at our clinic. It is a treatment that can cost a couple of thousands of dollars in the United State. So it is not a surprise that patients want to come to […]

Retainers: What You Need To Know

  Retainers play a big role after being done with the braces. They are an orthodontic treatment that seeks to help teeth maintain their current position. So unless you want to lose all the time you spent wearing braces, then you will be ignoring them. So for today’s article, we shall be reviewing the many advantageous […]

Types of Braces: Information and Differences

Hello, everybody! We all have seen at least once in our lives someone wearing the distinctive metal braces onto their teeth. These orthodontics offer a pretty straightforward solution when we are approaching an issue with the teeth alignment. But did you know that there are different types of them? So here we will briefly explain […]

How To Brush With Braces

For those who are new to braces, or even if you are just curious, then this article will prove useful for you. It does not matter if you got them recently or if you just cannot get it right: brushing when wearing braces requires a bit more effort. After all this contraption is glued to […]

What Happens After Braces?

Braces are certainly the most common and used orthodontic devices used by people nowadays. And they have certainly come a long way, from being all big and bulky, to now being more slender and stylish in looks. Even with some color options and the possibility to be attached to the back of the teeth! Some […]

Braces: A Quick Overview

Braces are one of the most common orthodontic treatments. They are used to correct the person’s bite which can be affected by several reasons. We are going to go over some of the most common things involving them, like what they are used for, what they do, and more! Either if it will be you […]