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Clenching Your Teeth: How To Avoid Damage?

There are two types of tooth clenching that we should be aware of. So in order to raise awareness, we will be talking about bruxism and its general aspects for this article. This is a problem that is more common than it is believed, so we are sure it will be helpful in the long […]

Why You Should Avoid Nail Biting

We have all been in a situation of stress where we ought to release it somehow. One way some people do this is by nail biting. Funny enough, it is not clear e nough how this habit was acquired or even developed, but it usually begins during childhood. Other than making your nails look uneven […]

Bruxism: Clenching and Grinding Teeth

When aiming towards a good oral health, there are certain aspects that may seem a bit outside our grasp, such is the case of bruxism. In this article, we would like to inform you all about it, as well as offer some tips against it. But not only that, but also raise awareness, as it […]

9 Tips to Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding or clenching your teeth is an act medically known as bruxism that affects and cause damages to the teeth and oral and overall health of many people around the world. Clenching your teeth occasionally may won’t have any negative effect, but when it becomes a frequent act it can have many negatives consequences to […]