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So you want to get good dental crowns

The way dental crowns make our teeth look can improve our self-confidence. It is important that our smile look good to make good impressions. Unfortunately for some people, they have problems with their smile and we can change this with the best dental crown treatment. But wat, you can solve any dental problem by choosing […]

Are dental crowns worth your money?

Hi everyone, this is a question many patients ask me. I understand that investing hard earned money in dental treatment is a very important thing. We do not want to waste money on a treatment that will not give us the smile we want. This often occurs with dental crowns, as many patients tend to […]

Most Common Treatments at the Dentist Office

In today’s article we shall be reviewing the most common treatments that people get at the office. There is no shame nor anything bad in having to visit your dentists every once in a while, rather, it is a healthy thing to do! In Los Algodones we have plenty of procedures and treatments to give […]

Tooth Repair: Common Procedures

Tooth repairs are more common than you think at first. After all, there are many reasons we may need them: poor oral hygiene, damage, falls, etc. It is worth mentioning that even if the damage is just superficial, seeking procedures just to have a full smile once again is nothing to be ashamed of. Actually, […]