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Teenagers: Oral Care Tips

It is important as parents to teach our kids just how important it is to keep a good oral hygiene, and that goes for teenagers as well. During this stage, they might show too busy for everything, either with friends, games, hobbies, etc. So sometimes they absolutely forget about brushing and keeping good oral habits. […]

Simple Tips To Improve Oral Health

We all want perfect teeth, but for that we need to have a good oral health! In this article we seek to give you some simple tips and things to follow in order to achieve just that. Ultimately, we seek to show you just how easy it is to carry a good oral habit for […]

Fluorisis: What You Need To Know

Greetings! Today we shall be briefing a little bit about fluorisis. You might have heard the word from a friend, read it from an article, or simply picked it up from somewhere.   What is fluorisis First of all, it is normal to think that this is a disease when it is actually just a […]