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How To Accomplish A Great Brushing Session

We have always been carrying the task of brushing once in the morning and once at night. Yet is that considered great brushing? Through this ritual task is that we get our first line of defense against bacteria that wear down our tooth enamel. For this reason, we have to understand why it is important […]

Tips & Habits To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

It is always good to have a good understanding of what can keep your mouth healthy in the long run. Having tips and habits serve as a great way to not only maintain a good oral health, but also to impart this knowledge to our kids. If we wish to maintain our teeth in great […]

The Good And Bad Dental Practices

Who doesn’t want a white and sparkly set of white teeth? This is within our grasp to get and maintain if we not only follow good dental practices, but also keep from doing the bad ones. So what are the good and bad practices for a better, or worse, dental health? For this article we […]

Dental Habits and Practices

There are many ways in which we can affect our mouth. We are talking about the habits and practices we do throughout our day! Adding or taking away can be the key in having a fresh and white smile as opposed to bad breath and yellow-looking teeth. For this article we will be talking about […]

Basics of Brushing and Flossing

Sometimes, we underestimate how important it is to keep up with these dental basics in our lives. Brushing and flossing are actually our first line of defense when it comes to preventing damage. So by keeping it up daily, we ensure that our teeth are in their best shapes. So for this article we will […]

Bad Habits You Must Stop When Brushing

The year is almost to a close, and we want to keep the best habits that we can! Furthermore, we also want to boast a healthy, bright smile for all those photos that are coming. As such, we wish to brush off the bad brushing habits and keep the good ones!   Swapping your toothbrush […]

Health: Good Dental Habits And Mistakes

If you are wondering, dental health is the same as tooth care. With these terms we wish to cover the basics of achieving a good care of the teeth, by helping prevent cavities, gum disease, bad breath and more! So if you are a someone looking to improve your dental health, or a parent wanting […]