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How to teach your kids about dental hygiene

Hello dear readers, today let’s talk about kids and dental hygiene. Sometimes it can be difficult for them to learn about how to take care of their teeth, but it is an important skill to learn at such young age. That is why I bring yu today some tricks to help them learn how to […]

Improve your kids’ dental health

Hello my favorite readers! Today let’s talk about our kids’s dental health. It is important as parents to guide them and teach them how to take care of their smile. Beginning good habits at a young age will make them responsible adults. Start by teaching them how to do a proper dental hygiene and then […]

Giving Life To The Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy is a pretty old tradition that we have been carrying along for quite a while. It gives hindsight to many topics and customs, as well as helps keeping good oral care for our little kids. So in today’s article we will be talking about the tooth fairy and bringing some other items […]

Fluorisis: What You Need To Know

Greetings! Today we shall be briefing a little bit about fluorisis. You might have heard the word from a friend, read it from an article, or simply picked it up from somewhere.   What is fluorisis First of all, it is normal to think that this is a disease when it is actually just a […]