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Tips & Habits To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

It is always good to have a good understanding of what can keep your mouth healthy in the long run. Having tips and habits serve as a great way to not only maintain a good oral health, but also to impart this knowledge to our kids. If we wish to maintain our teeth in great […]

Slowing Down Gum Recession

Gum recession is a problem that can affect everybody, even more so as we grow older. This affects roughly about fifty percent of every adult over 30 years old. For this article, we shall be going through some general information about gum recessions. This will be including what it is, what causes it, as well […]

Oral Hygiene Basics for Everybody

Having a goor oral hygiene is important down to the basics. After all, through the daily things that we do is how we impact our teeth. So it is not only what we eat or when we brush, but also what we do in-between! So for this article, we want to strengthen the basics and […]

Halitosis: Dealing with Bad Breath

What is underlying halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath? We all have been put in an awkward situation where we notice that our breath is as worse as we can remember it. So for all those situations and more, we have gathered some helpful information  from dentists in Los Algodones. So as a little […]

Xerostomia: Dry Mouth And Saliva

Xerostomia is the condition where the person is not producing enough saliva. This can be quite troublesome as we need it for eating, speaking, among other things. In this article we shall be explaining what xerostomia is thanks to Los Algodones dentists. Not only that but also we will include what causes it and how […]

Taking Care Of Your Tooth Enamel

All dentists will agree that one of the biggest reasons we brush is to keep our enamel out of harm’s way. That is, as free of bacteria, food and plaque as possible! And Los Algodones dentists are no exception to this. You will find that our tooth enamel is actually pretty useful, and not only […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Dental Habits Struggle

Arthritis is without a doubt a really huge setback for those who seek a white and healthy smile. It is characterized by great pain in the joints, even more so when moving and trying to grab things. So it is no wonder that everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, working and brushing are almost impossible. […]

Yellow Teeth: What To Do

Having a white smile might seem a bit farfetched, but with dedication you can get rid of yellow teeth. We have gathered some information here in Los Algodones about what this topic entails, and the answers have been enlightening. We all yearn for that movie star smile:  healthy, white, spotless and flawless. But interestingly enough, […]

Why You Should Avoid Nail Biting

We have all been in a situation of stress where we ought to release it somehow. One way some people do this is by nail biting. Funny enough, it is not clear e nough how this habit was acquired or even developed, but it usually begins during childhood. Other than making your nails look uneven […]

How To Improve Your Smile

One of the first things that we notice in people is that, their smile. And although it might take some time in order to attain that desired pearly white smile, it is possible! It is just a matter of following some habits religiously, in order to take proper care of those teeth. Doing this will […]