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Tooth Cavities: Information & Tips

Cavities are one of our enemies when it comes to oral health. There are many reasons why we might develop one, and there are plenty of things we can do to prevent them. In today’s article, we will be reviewing what tooth cavities are: how they develop, how to spot one, how they are treated, […]

Tooth Enamel Erosion: Information

Dental health care is important, and as such it is important to know as what can affect our teeth. Tooth enamel erosion poses a threat as it wears down our first line of defense. This makes it easier for bacteria to target our teeth and lead to complications such as cavities. For this article, we […]

Enamel Erosion: What To Know

Something we have to be aware about is the state of our tooth enamel. Certain things we do can affect it, either for good or for bad. That’s where this article comes in: we will be talking about enamel erosion and everything related to it! Thanks to Los Algodones dentists, we will be going through […]

Top Reasons Why Brushing Hard Is A Bad Idea

When we start our day by brushing our teeth, it is important to know how we do it. Afterall, brushing and how effective it is will all depend on our brushing technique. This is where how we brush comes into play, and how brushing hard and harshly can do more bad than good. In this […]

What Is Dental Calculus?

Greetings, everybody! Taking care of our teeth is not only a task for having whiter teeth, but one for us to avoid damage on our pearly whites. Dental calculus, also commonly called tartar, is one of those things we absolutely have to avoid if we wish to retain our natural set of teeth for a […]

Tap Water: Information and Advantages

Greetings, everyone! Today we shall write about a very helpful and informative topic: tap water. There are many benefits we all can gather from it for our teeth as well as some bonuses for our bodies! Los Algodones dentists know very well that drinking water daily is essential to maintain a good oral health. Furthermore, […]

Taking Care Of Your Tooth Enamel

All dentists will agree that one of the biggest reasons we brush is to keep our enamel out of harm’s way. That is, as free of bacteria, food and plaque as possible! And Los Algodones dentists are no exception to this. You will find that our tooth enamel is actually pretty useful, and not only […]

Remineralization & Demineralization

In order to keep our teeth strong and everlasting, we ought to think about what we can do to protect them. It takes just a little bit of research to know that our mouths are usually in this constant battle that is losing and gaining minerals. This is called demineralization and  remineralization. Yet what does […]

Tartar: What Is It?

For sure you must have heard the term tartar somewhere. After all, we are constantly brushing, flossing and doing what we can in order to avoid just that! These are but countermeasures in order to avoid it, as failing to do so can end in losing our teeth. So for this article we will be […]

Cavities: Tips And Information

Cavities are one of the most common reasons why you should visit a dentist. It does not matter if it starts small, we all have to check our teeth as well to pay the dentist a visit. Los Algodones dentists recommend appointing a visit at least once every six months, so twice a year. As […]