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Know you are getting the best dental veneers

Dental veneers are one of the most requested dental treatments at our dental clinic in Los Algodones. The popularity this procedure is getting is insane. So, it is normal that patients ask us for the best prices for this treatment so they can achieve a beautiful smile. It is cheap, versatile and looks aesthetically pleasing, […]

Should I get veneers or crowns?

This is a question many of you may be asking right now. Today I want to answer which dental treatment is better, veneers or dental crowns. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, that is why I want to talk a bit about both of them. That way you make a decision that will work for […]

Which Procedure To Get? Crowns Or Veneers?

When pondering about the best approach towards how to bring back the shine to our teeth, what are our options? Which procedure is the best? One of those options is either to opt for crowns or veneers. Of course, it is important to know which one we should go for as there are advantages and […]

Tooth Repair: Common Procedures

Tooth repairs are more common than you think at first. After all, there are many reasons we may need them: poor oral hygiene, damage, falls, etc. It is worth mentioning that even if the damage is just superficial, seeking procedures just to have a full smile once again is nothing to be ashamed of. Actually, […]