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Tooth Discoloration: Why Does It Happen?

On our way to a perfect smile, there are many things that can ruin our goal. Such is the case of tooth discoloration which can happen overtime or out of a sudden. So for today’s article, we will be talking about tooth discoloration, what it is, why it happens, what you can do to help […]

How To Achieve White Teeth

While on the epic quest of achieving white teeth, there are many options that come to place. With this article we want to show you how you can do this while avoiding destroying your own tooth enamel! So we hope you pay attention to the items we will be showing you. So what will we […]

Yellow Teeth: What Triggers It?

Yellow teeth can be a reason for people to feel uneasy or uncomfortable about their smile. It is also preferred for people to have white teeth rather than yellowish one. As such, one might feel a bit pressure to have that movie star smile on us. But is that really the case? What causes teeth […]

Yellow Teeth: What To Do

Having a white smile might seem a bit farfetched, but with dedication you can get rid of yellow teeth. We have gathered some information here in Los Algodones about what this topic entails, and the answers have been enlightening. We all yearn for that movie star smile:  healthy, white, spotless and flawless. But interestingly enough, […]

What Happens After Braces?

Braces are certainly the most common and used orthodontic devices used by people nowadays. And they have certainly come a long way, from being all big and bulky, to now being more slender and stylish in looks. Even with some color options and the possibility to be attached to the back of the teeth! Some […]

Toothpaste: One For Every Scenario

Toothpaste is of utmost importance in our daily lives due to all the benefits it brings to our teeth. As such, it is important to pay attention to every one of them, as they all bring better results to each scenario. Either it is gum disease, bad breath, sensitive teeth, or you want to whiten […]

Teeth Whitening: How Does It Work?

We all seek a pristine smile, which sadly is absolutely impossible as teeth darken as we grow older. It is natural for teeth to turn yellowish, brownish with age. This is where teeth whitening comes in. This article will mainly cover the aspects that surround teeth whitening. Things like the proper care needed to make […]