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Things to avoid doing with your dental crowns

Ok, so you worked a lot to fix your teeth and got beautiful new dental crowns. Maybe is your first time or you got several crowns by now. The thing is you want them to last a lifetime and avoid replacing them or getting them broken. If you are a really cautious with your possessions like me, then these tips will help you to get the most out of your new shiny crowns.

Taking care of dental crowns

The first thing you should avoid is to neglect dental hygiene. Artificial teeth such as crowns may not produce enamel like natural teeth, but they can degrade thanks to acids and bacteria. That is why it is so important to keep brushing them, using dental floss and rinse with mouthwash every day. That way you will avoid every germ and bacteria that not only weakens crowns, but they can affect your gums and mouth’s health,


Mistake number two is thinking they are indestructible. Many patients tend to test their crown’s limit by biting into really hard stuff such as bones and stones. I know it sounds silly but trust me, it happes a lot more than you may think. Use you crowns to health healthy and avoid biting into ice and hard candy, for example.

More mistakes

Final mistake is the decision to get the work dental crown. There are many kind of materials for crowns but the thing you have to consider is not price, is quality. Opt for full porcelain or zirconia if you want crowns that last 15 years or more. Porcelains fused with metal are okay, but they are less reliable than the other two.


Next thing is to choose the right dentist. Luckily for you at Dental del Rio in Los Algodones Mexico you can find the best attention and deals in crowns. We guarantee our work so your smile looks better than ever!


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