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Tongue Scraping: Why It Is Important

When talking about oral health and dental habits, one thing that is overlooked is the tongue. Everybody tells you to brush twice a day, but what about the tongue and inner cheeks? These spots are important to brush and pay attention as well!

So for this article, our dentists in Los Algodones tell us about an important place: the tongue. We will be telling you why it is important to brush, how you can accomplish this, among other things! All answered here in this little article.


Why should I brush my tongue?

Our mouth is full of bacteria, and all of them are not that bad. Though they are mainly anaerobic bacteria, meaning that they do not require oxygen to survive, they do require food. This is the beginning of what we know as bad breath.

You see, when there is left over food in our mouth, these bacteria use it and break it down, releasing sulfur compounds in the process. The bad smell can become more severe if we are dehydrated and lack the saliva production.


A good brushing

tongue scraping

When we brush twice a day, it is important to remember to brush the tongue. Los Algodones dentists say that a tongue scrapper and toothbrush’s bristles are both fine for this job. In fact, it is normal for toothbrushes nowadays to bring a tongue scrapper on the other side of the head.

Now when you look at your tongue in the mirror, you might see that there are particles trapped inside it. Not only that but even a layer of mucus; this is completely normal. It can be removed by gently scrapping the tongue with the help of some toothpaste. The same can be done with the sides and the cheeks on the inside.

This should be done as a habit, so every time you brush your pearly whites, you also brush the tongue! Cleaning it once in the morning and once in the evening gives you a better chance at keeping a fresh and minty breath for longer.


Specialized tools: tongue scraper

For those that want to make extra sure they take care of everything, there is the tongue scraper. This little tool is soft, easy to use and flexible, which helps greatly when removing the tongue’s bacteria and trapped mucus.

Remember to be gentle as if you notice soreness or bleeding, then you are probably being too rough. We recommend starting from the center and working your way towards the edges to make sure no bacteria is left behind. Do not forget to also target the back of the tongue! This one might be a little bit trickier as it triggers the gag reflex, then that means to not go so far back. Make sure to wash and rinse the tongue scrapper after using it!


Checking with a dentist

Remember that dentists are there to help you! Even as you are receiving a dental cleaning, you can ask them all you want to know. This can range from tips and tricks to other questions regarding your own oral health.

We also kindly remind you to thoroughly check for any bumps, spots or issues that might have caught your attention. Spotting and dealing with scenarios before they escalate is very important, as it saves us many problems in the future.

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