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Tooth Crack: What To Do?

Just the thought alone inspires a bad feeling to us in Los Algodones. Just imagine having a family dinner when suddenly you or someone else has a crack in their tooth, then what should we do?

This usually happens when we exert too much pressure on hard foods, such as ice and candies, or even with bad habits that wear down the teeth like using them to open or cut things. So in order to get a healthy smile back, we hope this article helps!


What can make a tooth crack?

Our molars are particularly subtle to crack when used wrongly since they are what we use for chewing and tearing food apart. This is due the constant wearing down of the hard outer surface of the teeth: the tooth enamel. Since the inside of a tooth has nerves and blood vessels, it is sure to be painful and irritable.

Knowing this, it is important to not partake into many of the bad habits that can end in the dreadful scenario that is a crack on our tooth.


What should I do when a tooth cracks?

No matter how good or bad the situation is, you need to get in touch with a dentist as soon as possible.

There are, usually, two instances of how the teeth has cracked: either it was a fracture, or it is broken. Whichever the case, temperature as well as biting and chewing will be very uncomfortable with pain involved.



In the case of a fracture, then you might think it looks fine, though the pain will give it away.


In case of a broken tooth, it is much more obvious and there is bleeding involved. What you can do in the mean time is:

  • Wash your mouth with warm water. This is to clear away blood and food, as well as other particles that might be in the way.
  • Get a gauze and apply pressure in the bleeding area for 10 minutes or until it stops. Some recommend using a tea bag together with pressure to achieve this.
  • You can help relieve the pain with a cold pack. Just apply it to the cheek, over the area where the tooth broke.
  • Have pain relievers handy. It might not hurt in the moment, but that is sure to change as time passes.


The process of repairing a cracked tooth

Once you have arranged an urgent visit to the dentist, then you can finally be at ease. Treating a tooth crack is important as it leaves you open to infections, or even further cracks.

Usually, your dentist will do everything in their power to save the tooth through the many possibilities. Our Los Algodones dentists tell us that the procedure depends on the severity of the case. It all boils down if the soft tissue inside our teeth is safe or not.

If it’s a really tiny piece, then it can be easily fixed by applying a filling or bonding material in order to make up for the small loss.

If a part of the tooth broke then it can be prepared in order to have a crown fitted over it. This way it remains protected and working.

And then there is the scenario when the crack affects the pulp as well. In these cases then a tooth extraction or root canal are necessary. In the case of a root canal, the pulp is removed and filled up. Whereas in the tooth extraction the whole thing is removed in case nothing can be saved.


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