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What To Do Towards A Gummy Smile?

When we smile, you may notice that some smiles show a lot more gum than others, hence the name gummy smile. But what makes this happen? Is it normal? Our Los Algodones dentists can assure that this is nothing but a cosmetic issue.

For this reason, we shall inform you about what a gummy smile is, what usually causes it, and how it can be fixed.


What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is a cosmetic issue for some people where the gum ratio to teeth is higher in their smiles.

Most of the time this is merely an aesthetic issue that has no health setbacks. So there is no reason to worry about it unless it really impairs your willingness to smile and laugh in public!

Just in some rare cases, a gummy smile can be linked to another issue, such as an abnormal tooth eruption or even a bad jaw development on the patient.


What usually causes a gummy smile?

The causes for this are many, and it is best to consult the help of a certified dentist in order to tackle properly. It might be just genetics or, like we mentioned before, a bad development of the jaw.

Anyway, here we have the most common causes:

  • Too much gingival tissue. This is due genetics, and just as the name says, it means that the person naturally has big gums.
  • An abnormal tooth eruption. A tooth that grows on a place where it is not supposed to can very much lead to gums protruding in a more prominent way.
  • Related to the jaw bone growth. A bulging protrusion in the upper jaw typically can lead to your gums showing more than they are supposed to.
  • High lip line. This is when the upper lip goes higher than most people’s, this is also called short upper lip.


Treatments and options towards a gummy smile

It takes a professional dentist to know where the root of the problem is. Once a conclusion is made from tests and x-rays at the office, then the best course of action is taken.

This whittles a gummy smile into several parts, depending on what is causing it:


For short upper lips

A very effective treatment is through the use of Botox. A small Botox injection on the area will help it be more firm and stiff although it runs out in a few months. This type of treatment is really short and the results are noticeable immediately.

Now a more permanent solution would be a lip reposition surgery. This procedure makes use of a tiny incision from within the gums and then stitched together. This gives your teeth more space to shine and be on the spotlight in comparison to your gums.


For too much gum tissue

There is always the possibility of considering a gum gingivectomy. This is where the gum tissue is removed, drastically improving the appearance of the gums. It also helps greatly against gum disease as it removes diseased tissue and reduces pockets.

Another possibility would be crown lengthening. Crown lengthening specializes in reshaping gum and bone tissue and works best when there is a delayed tooth eruption. This accomplishes a desired improvement in the patient’s smile.


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