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Ways you are ruining your teeth


Hello guys, hope you are having a good week just like me. Today I want to tell you how you are ruining your teeth. Everybody has bad habits that are ruining our smile little by little. It is impossible to be perfect every time, so do not feel bad. We will teach you of to fix these errors so you avoid them and gain a beautiful smile.


But before I begin to tell you about bad habits, let me share one cool thing with you. You can learn more about dental hygiene in out blog thanks to our hundreds of article. We have dedicated so many years to write about interesting topics that can help you have better dental health. Let us know down in the comments what other topics you would like to learn about. We like to read you and give you nice things.


Biting your nails is ruining your teeth


I want to begin with a very common habit many patients have. Biting your nails is a very bad thing to do for your teeth. It can wear down your tooth enamel. Also, it can cut your gums and it is unhygienic. You can get many dental and oral diseases thanks to the bacteria and germs you are bringing into your mouth. Also, you will ruin your precious nails too. So be careful and try to avoid doing int.


One of the main reasons do this is due to stress and anxiety. To reduce stress I suggest to do some kind of physical activity. Going for a run or a walk daily can help to reduce anxiety too, do not forget to eat well and get enough rest too. The best tip I can give you if you need help is to see a professional therapist to treat it. You will feel better, and your teeth and nails will thank you. 


Vices and drugs


Alcohol and cigarettes are consumed by many of our patients. You may know by default that they can ruin your teeth easily. Dome of the consequences are bad breath, stains, cancer, gingivitis and more. I am not saying here that you should quit entirely, but you should at least consider reducing its consumption. There are many health implications that can ruin not only your teeth but your life. So it is not just aesthetics reasons implicated but health reasons too that can change your life..


Which bring me to my next point, drugs. Among all the causes of teeth loss, drugs are one of the most common. Many patients refer to have used either cocaine, meth or crack. What all of the substances mentioned today have in common is that they affect blood flow. What this means is that the blood vessels constrict and do not let blood flow properly through your body. This is very bad news if you ask me.


The consequences of this are that the tissue starts to die. That is why blood does not get to your mouth and teeth starts to fall. In extreme scenarios you will also lose bone, affecting your jaw and mouth’s roof. Recovering from this state is possible but it can be very expensive. Bone graft and dental implants do not come cheap, especially in the United State and Canada. Regardless, we can help you get them at half the price, more on this later.


Ignoring your dentist is ruining your teeth


It is impressive how many patients do not go to the dentist regularly. Aside from a bad dental hygiene, most think that they do not need a dentist to achieve a healthy smile. They are plain wrong, as regular checkup and cleaning is mandatory for that. The thing with dental hygiene is that we cannot clean everything at home. There are food debris that get stuck between the teeth and under the gums.


To clean your teeth effectively you need more than brushing at home. You need a professional cleaning that can remove plaque, tartar and stains. Besides, with the checkup you can detect early any problem and fix them. Dentists suggest to schedule an appointment every 6 months for cleaning and checkup. Ignoring dentist will make your teeth deteriorate sooner or later. It really does not matter how much you brush, use dental floss and mouthwash.


Avoid seeking a dentist whenever you have a problem. Chances are that it will be too late and the dental treatment to fix it will cost tons of money. to save money in dental it is better to visit your dentist at least twice a year. We can help you save money in dental as we charge 50% less than the US and Canada.


How to save money in dental treatment


To save money in dental simply schedule an appointment with us at Dental del Rio in los Algodones. For starters our consultation and evaluation are FREE. Our dentist studied in the US and overseas so you will receive the same quality as home. With ADA standards and up to date facilities, you will receive top quality dental treatment from the best. Besides, our prices are 50% less than the States, you can consult them at our price list.


To schedule an appointment just fill the contact form above or call us at the phone number. You will hear from our patient coordinator within 24 hours to answer any question and schedule your appointment. We will help you every step of the way so you can find accommodation in case you need. We can also suggest nice restaurants and suggestions to enjoy your stay in Los Algodones more.


And that is it all for today guys. I really hope that you found this helpful and you make an appointment with us. We will be very happy to receive you so feel free to contact us. If you have any questions remember that you can let us know via email or down below in the coemments. See your next week with another interesting dental topic to talk about. 



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